Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Free Electricity

These small turbine generators made in Belgium could be installed along New Mexico's "acequias" irrigation system.

Irrigation canal in New Mexico

Not plugging the Belgian company. I don't even know how much they cost. Others might make them. We could make them in New Mexico.

We could see if there's a way to route water coming down the canals to take advantage of places where it could power one or a bank of generators without interfering with irrigation or river life.

Monday, August 13, 2018

Democrats Are Reds

Updated: Besides what's stated below, solid majorities of Democrats agree with the issues of the party's insurgent "far Left'." (Again, not older and wealthier Democrats, the 'Republicans who believe in gay marriage and abortion' Democrats who run the party. Those are what we have in New Mexico, and some even more conservative.)

Democrats like Socialism better than Capitalism, a new Gallup poll says.

For those over 65, though, only 28% like Socialism.

The establishment Democrats have done well in this corrupt, rigged, filthily unequal status quo. These duds are warning the rank and file that that Socialism will mean the party's doom, the almost 80% of Democrats who view Socialism favorably aren't convinced by their dire predictions of doom.

They think we forgot about them losing 1,000 seats, the entire federal government and 2/3 of the state governments and blowing the easiest presidential race in history after cheating to make sure the candidate didn't get in who would have beaten Trump, the polls said.

The rank and file know Social Security and Medicare are Socialism. They know they've work their tails off and deserve what they're providing for the big shots. They begun to wonder why the big shot Democrats are keeping them from having it.

Thursday, August 9, 2018


This is the young Democratic Socialist I'm talking about in the post below. If you  want to watch this 10-minute interview you can see that she's catching on pretty fast, but the last three minutes, from 7:50 on, is what I was talking about. Any Democrat could have said this at any time. Not one of them ever did.

Selflessness Versus Selfishness

That's Alexandria Cortez in the picture, participating in a labor conference this week where they talked about how to help the Labor Movement grow.

The 28 year old Democratic Socialists of America member campaigns almost nonstop for other leftist candidates, speaks at rallies and meetings of all kinds and sends out a daily stream of tweets encouraging and rallying the hundreds of thousands of people who follow her.

New Mexico Democrats like Martin Heinrich, Michelle Grisham, Tom Udall and Ben Lujan never do anything remotely like Cortez is doing. They intentionally distance themselves from unions - yes Democrats actually do that now -- and they never support, or try to build public support for, policies that would improve the average New Mexican's bottom line. Your well being is not their concern.

New Mexico Democrats do photo ops and corporate fundraising and then slither into their respective chambers and vote with the 1%. Their careers are doing just fine, but poverty is on the increase in America, and in New Mexico, as in all states run by fiscal conservatives, the majority, especially children, cannot hope for a better life.

Monday, July 30, 2018

A Tremendous Failure

"Between the Franklin D. Roosevelt election of 1932 and the Newt Gingrich election of 1994, the party held a House majority for 58 out of 62 years, and a Senate majority for 52 out of 62." (Salon 7/28/18)

Democrats ran congress for 50 years because people liked their New Deal, social democratic policies like Social Security. Then the Clinton Democrats transformed the party into a Wall Street friendly identity politics coalition, which has failed to do anything about discrimination against the coalition's Black, feminist, gay, etc., members -- in fact the country is going backwards on civil rights -- and because Clinton Democrats are fiscal conservatives, American workers haven't gotten a pay raise in 30 years.

What's worse, the same Democrats who caused this mess are running around trying to make sure Democrats don't start promoting worker friendly policies again. These people's failures didn't slow down under Obama. They lost almost 1,200 state legislature seats while he was in charge of the party and now Republicans have total control in 2/3 of all states, Democrats only 14, and at the state level is where fiscal conservatism is doing the most damage. These Democrats should be advising no one.

One thing Democrats haven't failed at is coming up with excuses for why they failed: Ralph Nader, Swift Boat ads, Jill Stein, Putin, Russia, Bernie Sanders, Susan Sarandon, the media, gerrymandering, the FBI, sexism. Etc.

For fifty years Democrats were on the side of the people. Democrats must answer for their failures before they judge anyone who wants change. Democrats have to explain why "we" don't have enough money so common people can have the nice health care coverage, fat retirement checks and fat salaries they get, and why they expect our votes when, under their watch, the already rich in the richest country in history have been enabled to pile up untold piles of the nation's wealth while we get the same paycheck we got 30 years ago.

Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Poor New Mexico: So Far From Heaven, So Close To Electing Michelle Grisham Continued

Some blowhard who makes his living fundraising for one NGO after another and lives as a leech on the Neoliberal order was trying to tell me Michelle Grisham is an advocate for children.

He runs one of these big non profits that advocate for children so he should know that when you're a Democrat from New Mexico you're a Republican who is in favor of gay marriage and abortions, which means kids are screwed. If he knew what he was doing he'd know we're at the bottom in child well being with a few other "fiscal conservative" states.

Grisham has never been for working people. Just look at her record. she's never advocated for workers or introduced any legislation on our behalf. But as the party is moving to the left shes standing in the road giving all these new young engaged people the middle finger. She's going out of her way now to specify that she's a "fiscal conservative" and to all come out and state that anyone to her left can kiss her ass if she can find it with both hands.

Grisham's politics persona is built on US style upper middle class white feminism. These snoots care nothing for poor women in most of the US who, to get an abortion, would have to find and pay sitters for their kids and take three days off work from their three minimum wage jobs that doesn't pay the bills as it is, ride a bus all day, stay overnight in a motel and go back the next day as required by law where she lives, and on and on.

Michelle Grisham and her fiscal conservative society feminists don't care about most women in this country, let alone the world. Grisham is a reliable vote for the arms buildup and for annual renewals of the mass murder campaign she and the rest of congress are waging on civilians in eight different countries for the benefit of their rich donors, who own almost all those kinds of stocks.

Saturday, July 21, 2018

Julian Assange

A live youtube broadcast by supporters of Julian Assange, who will soon be turned over to the UK according to news reports.

Monday, July 16, 2018

Poor New Mexico: So Far From Heaven, So Close To Electing Michelle Grisham

(180720 Updated below)

For non New Mexicans, the words of the last Spanish colonial governor, "Poor New Mexico, so far from heaven, so close to Texas," which at the time was trying to take the eastern half of New Mexico, are known universally here.

Unfortunately the saying applies to these conservative Democrats we have here, especially the candidate for governor Michelle Grisham, who just trashed everybody who wants see New Mexico climb out of the low wage economy hell it's trapped in. That's not the problem. The problems is she'll get away with it because they don't have any other choice here. The two parties control ballot access and the requirements are stricter than state law. You have to be conservative.

We have a state full of these Clinton Democrats who are pro business, don't want all New Mexicans to have health care and support bloody US imperialism to the hilt, and the list goes on and on and the rich get richer and richer and we slowly disappear. But those Democrats do well.

Michelle Grisham portrays herself as a champion of women but she personally attacked on a Black congress woman who is fiscally a traditional Democrat thereby burnishing her credentials to conservatives while dog whistling their white supremacist wing.

Grisham is  like American feminists in general. She wants well heeled women like herself to still be able to get abortions, in the US, but the conservative economic policies she claims loyalty to deny abortions to working class women in most of the country.

Abortion isn't all Michelle Grisham's conservatism denies the working class. The states run by fiscal conservatism are at the bottom of the barrel because the people never have enough money in their pockets and their spending is what makes up an economy. Have you noticed any semi trucks on the highway? That's stuff going to stores, groceries and Wal Mart stuff. That's the US economy. In fiscal conservatism you don't grow that, you just keep extracting more blood from the peasants and it keeps you at the bottom of the barrel. That's where our beloved New Mexico is now and that's where we'll be when Michelle Grisham leaves office. Poor New Mexico.


Michelle Grisham told the Albuquerque Journal we can't afford to provide every New Mexican with health care, but she voted to give Donald Trump an ever bigger military buildup than he asked for, over $700 billion.

All New Mexico's conservative Democrats, Michelle Grisham, Ben Lujan, Martin Heinrich and Tom Udall, and everyone who votes for them and gives them money has concluded that we can afford bombs to kill innocent people with if we pay for it by letting Americans die from lack of health care, and screaming Russia, Russia, Russia until you foam at the mouth doesn't absolve you.

Overthrow The Government

There's a tremendous amount of hysteria on Twitter tonight. Russiagaters are doing victory dances around their living rooms in their shorts while declaring a national emergency.

The may not slow down until the last investigator drops dead because as the supremely idiotic Russiagate brunch having establishment keeps telling us, we're in a post truth era.

There's a fantastic amount of hysteria out there. People are calling for the overthrow of the government.

The hysteria sweeping parts of the establishment tonight might actually create a national emergency and it means doing away with government that would be a good thing. That's what the people of CherĂ¡n, Mexico did. They kicked out the politicians, cops and drug dealers and now have a very peaceful and prosperous town.

Seriously though. Even if these self righteous, selfish dweebs who drug us into a new Cold War could somehow start a civil war in the US, the harm it caused would be a drop in the bucket compared to the harms they've caused around the world with their pathetic new  Cold War and their eight ongoing bloody wars in the Middle East and Africa, and Yemen. Yes, Yemen. After Yemen, these disgusting baby starving ghouls have the gall to criticize anyone.

Poor USA. Nationalistic, self righteous, bloody USA.