Saturday, July 14, 2018

US Regime Change Warmongering Is Far Worse Than Trump And Putin Combined

The Russians are coming again and it remains the case that if everything Trump or Putin are accused of is true it’s a drop in the bucket compared to what the United States does against many, many countries. That has absolutely nothing to do with Trump and Putin. That's us, a giant black pot ten times worse than any other kettle out there when it comes to meddling.

What they accuse Trump and Putin is our official policy. It's been official policy for Democrats and Republicans since Bill Clinton. Obama continued all Bush’s wars and started four more. Democrats including all of New Mexico’s just voted to shower Trump with a huge boost in the military, far more added capability than even the big increase Trump asked them for. 

Whatever is turned up or churned up by this idiotic New Cold War that’s now become Russiagate, the US will still be spending 10 times more doing things to other countries than the next 10 countries combined. We dwarf those 10 countries with our military spending and we have multiple times more state department and spy agency meddlers. The 10 mini meddlers we dwarf include all the European allies and both Russia and China which we're regularly warned are close to overwhelming us.

People literally screech about our precious democracy, which is what we call our plutocracy, and point the finger at each other over a few thousand people at the border and never think once about the hundreds of thousands people in multiple countries whose entire country and economy have been destroyed and they've buried their kids and eat out of dumpsters now.

It’s easy to call Americans hypocrites, especially when they’re constantly accusing you of treason and whatever else they can think of, but Americans live in an odd reality. In the typical American’s world our bloody wars and other meddling don’t exist. Both political parties support the militarism so they don’t grandstand over it, and the media rarely mentions it and when it does it’s very sanitized.

Remember that a small number of extremely rich stockholders actually own the bulk of US stocks. They control the country. They own the media conglomerates that create much of our reality, and they own the military industrial complex. This means Americans are spoon fed a world where their warmongering doesn’t intrude on their brunch. They are always guilt free. Now that our reality is shifting to the internet they can fine tune their reality finer and make themselves feel very comfortable while they blow children into little bloody pieces of meat and bone.

Kids can pretend not to hear their parents calling and by the time we’re adults we’re very good at it. We've survived by compartmentalizing our emotions. We don't stop doing it when we get home.

Americans don’t know they’re knee deep in dozens of country's internal affairs, but at least the ones who think they’re being violated know what it feels like now. When you're in peril you'll do whatever it takes to get out of it, and having your dignity destroyed makes you feel like you’re in peril. You need that lost dignity back now, and nothing's going to stop you from getting it.

Our country has to be run by a more representative sample of the people, who can outvote these people with the identity problem. The identity politics problem that's breaking working Americans and killing working people in 8 different countries now. 

Thursday, July 12, 2018

Class Consciousness

With the first change in strategy in 30 years the national Democratic Party will oppose the new Supreme Court nominee based on his positions on health care, and not where he stands on abortion, reports Reuters.

I've been saying class consciousness is rising. That's a Marxist term meaning that a people begin seeing themselves as being in the same economic boat together. We start to think we'll sink or swim together. As class consciousness rises people will come to see themselves as having opposite interests as the other economic class, the rich. It's what the Occupy Movement did with their 1% vs 99%

What the Democrats change comes down to is that we the people increasingly have a sense of our power, and now it's to the point Democrats are sprinting to get in front of it. They may alienate some donors but if they can't stop it, we won't just sense we have power we'll know we do.

Campaign platforms are being rapidly re-written to align with the social democrats whose votes they need to avoid losing the second election in  row that should have been a sure thing.

It's a tactical move, but it's based on polling. If you want evidence that things have changed, today I received the first ever form email from Michelle Grisham framed in terms of the class struggle. It's only the pissy, watered down Marxism Democrats used in the 60s and 70s and it recreates the old "Middle Class" so her upper middle class feminist base can still think they're above the unwashed masses, but she did set up that paradigm and send it out. It's a form now in peoples' heads. There's a file open on it. The unconscious search engine does the rest.

Donors will understand why she had to go this far, and it New Mexico it might be all she has to do. Martin Heinrich endorsed Bernie Sanders' single payer bill but still scoffs at the holes in our wallets.

But they did have to change. If class consciousness keeps rising they'll change more and for the sake of New Mexicans and their kids I hope it's as much as the rest of the country.



Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Enemies And The State

Occupy is back as anarchist fighters of fascism and the police. Occupy always was heavily anarchist influenced and to an anarchist the police are enemies of the people in the sense they are an arm of the state. Like socialists, anarchists are Marxist, they have a Marxist analysis or take on the world. The difference is their view of the state.

Communists and socialists believe the state can be used to make the transition from Capitalism to Socialism to Communism, or a collectively owned and operated economy.

Anarchists would do away with the state and go to small local governing bodies made up of the people in neighborhoods and workplaces. They believe the state is a corrupting influence that can't be reformed. To them, power corrupts, period. It must distributed as widely as possible.

Marxists of all stripes see police as an arm of the state, one of its coercive arms. Even in our country the case can be made that as government employees the police are there to protect the government/state -- the state's interests at least. Once you can picture police as agents of the state, consider how the law is enforced in this country. It's enforced on poor people more and differently than rich people. Resource-wise almost all of law enforcement is directed at blue collar crime although the dollar value of white collar crime is much higher.

The message is clear. Police are on the side of the ruling class. They are designed to and expected to use the law to subdue workers, not the ruling class. Police began as private security strike breaking goons in the north and slave catching platoons in the south. Law enforcement up and down spies on and infiltrates leftist (socialist leaning!) working class groups and pays scant attention to the welthy, or to nazis, white supremacists and the like, who unlike the bolsheviks pose no risk to Capitalism. Which has often fostered racial division. It keeps wages down among other things.

The antifa, who you might have seen in the media wearing black masks, are anti fascist anarchists and have gained a reputation as head knockers. The people pictured here were  among those who've been blockading the Portland, OR ICE instillation for a week or so. The police tried to evict them this weekend and I haven't heard whether they got them out yet. Once something like that is over it doesn't get covered live from the scene by cell phone any more so it may be over.

The occupation was spread around the immediate area. There's video on Twitter of a battle between police and anarchists on a side street. The police attacked but were forced to retreat. Video shows police in a tight knit clump backing up a street that goes steeply uphill, while young people follow and heckle. Police fired automatic rifle shots at the ground. The kids scooted away and came back more defiant.

For many years law enforcement has been all but unquestioned by politicians. A generation ago, the uprisings and the rise in class consciousness had law enforcement on the defensive, but under increasingly conservative Republicans and Democrats they were let loose again.

As class consciousness rises, which gives the people more power, the police, like the bosses, react. Instead of opening fire the police back off. The ruling class knows first. The CEOs see it from their penthouse offices. Here and there they have all begun to give way, make concessions, back off. Stop with the police brutality.

This shift in the balance of class power that's taking place is much larger and more significant than any tinkering a supreme court can do. The entire dog and pony show in Washington can only change tunes and make the best of this, like they did the last time.

Tuesday, July 10, 2018


The Democrats decades long strategy of sacrificing American workers on the altar of a woman's right to choose is finally paying off.

For decades we were told we had to vote for the Democrat, no matter how much of a Republican they were on economic issues, because of the Supreme Court.

We were screamed at; "Elections matter! Moron!"

And of course when I say "a woman's right to choose" I mean the upper 'middle class' white woman who is a key member of the conservative New Democrat coalition who actually has the option of having an abortion.  In most of the US a working class woman can't get an abortion. It means taking off work for several days, riding a bus for a day or so, staying overnight. What about the kids? What about the paycheck? What about paying for the abortion when you have no health care?

Democrats don't give a rat's ass about that woman. If they did, instead of Clinton and the New Democrats figuring out how to get ship loads of cash from Wall Street they would have united the working class in a broad populist movement based on basic pocketbook issues, the issues Democrats like Tom Udall, Martin Heinrich, Ben Lujan and Michelle Grisham never even mention.

So we can say thanks to the Democrats for the most corporation friendly Supreme Court in history.

The most what, you ask? I never thought of that. I thought the Supreme Court was about abortions.

Monday, July 9, 2018

Help Is Coming New Mexico

“Many socialist candidates sound less like revolutionaries and more like traditional Democrats,” acknowledged the New York Times. “They want single-payer health care, a higher minimum wage, and greater protections for unions.”

Socialism is back from its much reported death, and despite corporate Democrats fondest wishes is even returning to the Democratic Party.

Not yet in New Mexico, which will remain mired in a low wage economy while its political-consultant class pursues individual wealth and fame.

Thankfully, the national Clinton Democratic Party was stopped before it sold the Social Security system to Wall Street. We'll still have Workman's Comp, housing assistance, food stamps, Medicare, Medicaid and the child development programs Socialism has brought to America. Our wages will stop falling as they have been under successive Democratic administrations and congresses over the past 40 years.

As we did in the post WWII era, the last time Socialism was ascendant, we'll eventually benefit here in New Mexico despite ourselves, and even moreso if we start electing Democrats who are as interested in helping New Mexico's kids as they are in helping corporations or in killing kids in the Middle East.

Friday, July 6, 2018

A Tale Of Two Emails

I received emails today from two US senators, Bernie Sanders and Martin Heinrich.


text highlighted by Heinrich

Sanders is an independent who, using the tools we the people gave him by electing him -- i.e. power, influence, the ability to put things in the media -- has advocated for things like single payer health care until they have become mainstream positions.

It may seem odd that with everything happening Heinrich chooses to talk about the environment, but he never talks about health care, or anything having to do with the economic well being of the average American. His public output consists primarily of photo ops in front of pretty scenery or some kind of business and I defy anybody to find proof otherwise.

You will occasionally see standard obligatory Democrat reference to "preserving Social Security," which is conservative Democrat code for being open to "preserving" it by wholly or partially privatizing it, which I've covered repeatedly in this blog. You won't see Heinrich advocating for single payer health care or higher wages. He purposely avoids uttering the word "union."

Heinrich never talks about things like lifting the cap that prohibits the government from collecting Social Security tax on personal income over $128,400. If the cap was lifted, with all the billionaires we have now we could easily fully fund or expand Social Security.

Heinrich often votes with Republicans. He voted against Bernie Sanders' bill that would have let American buy medicine from Canada.

And yet he didn't have a primary opponent and will cruise to a second term.

How can this be? Why does a so-called Democrat refuse to advocate for things that would improve the lives of the mass of his people and never acknowledge his people or their suffering? Why do Democrats vote for him and give him money?

It's The Economy

Capitalism has made us a sick nation. We murder people all over the world, i.e. blow them into bloody pieces for no reason. For weapons contracts. Our representatives all take commands from the already filthy rich. They prefer they finances their bipartisan dog and pony show and we do the best we can. We the people give up the wealth our politicians give to the rich who pay tax lawyers not taxes and our working class youth pay for it with their blood. Hundreds of thousands of other innocent people pay for it when we bury them alive in their homes.

We shrug and go back to the real problem, Jill Stein and the 2016 election and the idiots who voted for her and blaming them for Donald Trump.

The real problem is we just need to feel superior to someone. It's our right as exceptional people to feel superior and e have the exceptional ability to stand at our border tweeting about our moral superiority while we spread death around the world.

Call us sick or not sick. What we do is sick and it didn't get that way overnight so stop with the moaning and chest beating and help fix the problem, which is that this is what unrestricted Capitalism does. A tiny few benefit and the rest are ground to dust until they spend their days screaming at each other.

Thursday, July 5, 2018

Poor New Mexico

A glimpse at who our New Mexican politicians are representing in congress. Ben Lujan represents corporations like the CBO Group. It owns dozens of immigrant detention centers and private prisons and has hauled in billions in tax money for many years and especially since Barak Obama, who deported a record number of immigrants, dramatically stepped up deportations.

Below is Martin Heinrich (details here) who famously voted against a bill that would have let Americans buy their medicine from Canada. It's just too bad some of those New Mexicans who can't afford their medicine didn't give Heinrich $46,000. They might be alive now.

Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Low Tariff Regime


(1:26 a.m. Edited for clarity below.)

The low tariff regime Democrats are fighting to preserve is a central pillar of Reaganomics. It's the very definition of free trade. Open markets. Countries used to protect their workers with tariffs, protect essential industries like farming. France has some of the strongest remaining remnants of Socialism but tariffs were the regime at one time.

The low tariff regime has let US Agribusiness giants flood Mexico with cheap corn and put their small farmers under. That's who Mexico was. Bill Clinton said no, let my pals have at 'em. That's what NAFTA was, formalizing Reaganomics into law.

Hillary launched the negotiations for TPP which wanted to extend that to the Pacific Rim and as a bonus put into law a wish list of corporate fantasies like extending patents and copyrights out forever. No generic prices until the next generation. Reaganomics on speed. That's what Democrats and MSNBC are defending whatever Trump is doing.

Blue Wave

University of Virginia professor Larry Sabato seems to think the Republicans will keep the US House.

It's all broken down by state here but the totals show that as far as picking up seats, the Republicans will lose some but not enough to lose the majority.

Note the right hand column -- Change based on current ratings. Republicans will lose 32, Dems pick up 4. If they split the toss ups half and half the Rs will still have a majority. In any event the Blue Wave is going to be a gentle swell.

Sabato is one of the top three or four forecasters but isn't infallible. He said Hillary would win. But I think it's safe to say that if the Democrats lose a second consutive election that should have been a slam dunk, after losing all three branches of the federal government and 2/3 of all the state governments, it's not stupidity or Wall Street or losing touch, it's fraud. People are just cashing in now.

And as I say in the last couple posts, the actual people are pissed off.

At being pissed on by Democrats for one thing. Democrats are doing the best they can but they're on a boat they built and don't know how to steer and the people in steerage have had it. We come up on deck and look around and we're behind where we were when the Clintons took over and the rich disappeared over the horizon a long time ago.

That's not right. It's not fair, for one thing so you can't blame them for throwing some of you overboard. You knew history. You knew what the New Deal did for the economy and you knew this Reaganomics was bull when Reagan introduced it. You conveniently forgot that at the time everyone ridiculed and said it was smoke and mirrors.

But the huckster from Hope came along and you got lost in the smoke and mirrors yourself

Democrats got lost and are in trouble. Reagan formalized the wacko get rich quick scheme then called Reaganomics but Bill Clinton mainstreamed it. He made it acceptable. Now you're stuck with it.

Clinton tried to steer this big boat, the working class, in a different direction and it was one the people didn't want to go in, for the simple reason it was bad for them.

Now the working class has had it and the party can't satisfy them and has no way to win. Not unless the people or their trusted representatives gain control of the party.

Which is exactly what the party is fighting. It will soon be fighting over a carcass, a whale shrunk down to a dolphin. New Mexico Democrats can hide out in conservative New Mexico but their records are on the internet including the parts they've deleted.

There are several web site that for a long time have been continually taking making copies of what's on the entire internet and storing it all in big searchable databases. These kids will be able to see in a few minutes how politicians have tailored their image over time and gone from catering to the people to catering to wealthier and wealthier donors. If one of ours ever does stick his or her head out on the national stage, anything in their record that shows them to be a lackey for Capitalists will quickly go viral.

That's their litmus test. If you're a Democrat how much did you take from the enemies of the working class, who act with class consciousness and have been waging a one sided class war against us for 40 years while you Democrats shined their shoes for them. That's how a lot of them see it and as more fall into that category the anger will grow.

Even if you argue that its a rush to judgement, they're right to lay out the battle lines like that.

America became a world power because it had consumers who could drive the world's economy. The money in our pockets was put their by the Socialists whose ideas started and who made up the Labor Movement. All the Socialism in the New Deal, your Social Security and REA and all of it, came straight from the unions' demand sheet.

Socialism rises and falls as class consciousness rises and falls. Class consciousness is the sense among the public that it constitutes a group that has interests.

According to Marxism, when we say 'We're all Americans." That's nationalism. If we say we're all workers or we're all the 99 percent, that's class consciousness. It's on the rise now and people are demanding fairness and it's pretty likely they'll obtain a lot of what they're demanding and which seems farfetched at the moment.