Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Israeli  children and Palestinian children

A Tomb In Israel

The Second Anniversary of Israel's destruction of Gaza and its slaughter of more than 1,440 Gazans is upon us.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Alter Of Baltimore

What have I written until now? What have I done? I don't know. I can't recall. If I don't go back and look I'm starting over every time. A slate washed clean with dark waves and empty winds.

A few simple things is all I have. The account continues to grow, slowly much of the time but grows. My ideas about what I'd do take shape or rather firm up, clear up. How to make a living as I get started on the Great Project.

Of, not toward, Democracy.

I arrived in Baltimore Friday night or was it Thursday? I think Friday. Whenever it was, I ended up first at that TA truck stop south of town, where I didn't want to go -- I've been treated shabbily there -- but I had my TAs mixed up so there I was. Plenty of parking, and free! and the two old gals, I'll call them, in the restaurant were nice, however. Both made little movements in my vicinity which actually hastened my departure. When I went back in later to have dinner, a black girl was working. She let me look at the menu, decide, and order before informing me,

"We don't make dinners, we stop that at 12, only breakfast and..."

And something, sandwiches I think she said. I was burning and paid for the coffee she had already set down and left without drinking it, ending up, for lack of anywhere else to go, here downtown, near the docks, the other, the old Baltimore TA.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

State Of The Police State

Nowhere in the mass media do I see it being reported that the US government is suppressing legal, peaceful protest activity, that the FBI and all kinds of other cop agencies are spying on activist groups and their members, that United States attorneys are issuing grand jury subpoenas to members of these groups in an attempt to intimidate and silence them.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Boycott Apartheid Israel

The Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement, the Palestinian based initiative that seeks to use economic pressure to force Israel to end the illegal occupation of the West Bank and Gaza, has attracted worldwide support and continues to grow, as the latest updates on the movement at the Electronic Intifada web site show.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Phone-Wielding Shoppers Strike Fear Into Retailers

This headline on a Wall Street Journal story was my Merry Christmas.


Saturday, December 18, 2010

Someone has to pay. Us.

Things have gotten way too too bizarre. It's this White House. This administration. This president, Barak Obama.

First, it's being reported that Bradley Manning, the army private being held in solitary confinement on suspicion he supplied WikiLeaks with the video of the US pilots murdering civilians in Iraq like they were playing a video game, along with hundreds of thousands of documents, who, by the way, has not yet been charged with anything, will be offered a plea deal if he turns on WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange. If they can get Manning to say that Assange encouraged him to obtain the documents, Assange can be charged under the espionage act, legal experts say. Otherwise Assange is no more guilty than newspapers like the New York Times that have been publishing the leaked documents.

Monday, December 13, 2010

   US borderlands - authorities have discovered the remains of 252 people
    this year, a  record number, and more than 1,800 in the past nine years, who
    died crossing the Arizona desert while trying to enter the US illegally.
    Volunteers have begun leaving water in the desert.

Gringos Again

The first street demonstrations in support of imprisoned WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange were in Spain, and I think I stumbled across the reason why.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Demonstrations in Spain by people wearing Guy Fawkes masks, ala the movie V For Vendetta, says the BBC, are among the first street protests in support of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, who is now being held in solitary confinement in a London prison. Many supporters of Assange are replacing their internet icons with a Guy Fawkes-type image wearing a blindfold to show their support.

As of this morning, 1,885 web sites are mirroring WikiLeaks to ensure it can't be shut down, and the powers that be, overcome by pique and consumed in spite, are simply going after Assange himself.

Israel's Loss Of Legitimacy

I'm reading an interesting book, Breakthrough, by Richard Forer, who, coincidentally, lives in my town, Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Friday, December 10, 2010

                  Baker, CA - world's biggest thermometer

Lawyers for WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange are preparing for charges of spying to be filed by the United States government, based on rumors they are hearing from lawyers in the US that an indictment is being prepared or has already been filed, his lawyers say today.

Charge him with spying. I'll bet Sarah Palin wishes she'd thought of that.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Rape. Of whom? By whom?

More on what I discussed in my last post. The New York Times this morning says about the two women who have accused WiliLeaks founder Julian Assange of rape:

"The women have said that consensual sexual encounters with Mr. Assange became nonconsensual when he stopped using condoms."

 The story is here:

We know what happens when people get sideways with the government of the United States. Ask Saddam Hussein, Salvadore Allende, Manuel Noriega, Daniel Ortega, Jean-Bertrand Aristide, Mohammad Mosaddegh, Manuel Zalaya, Haile Selassie, Jacobo Arbenz, Patrice Lamumba, Rafael Trujillo, Ngo Dinh Diem, Abd al-Karim Kassem, Rafael Correa....

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

   Artois, CA


 I have read several places now that Sweden, where the embattled Julian Assange of WikiLeaks is under investigation for rape, has some strange laws regarding sexual assault. What is casually being referred to in the media as sexual assault may not be what we generally think of as rape.

As MSNBC is reporting this morning: "He is wanted for questioning after two women accused him of having sex with them without a condom and without their consent.

Assange's lawyers say the accusations stem from a "dispute over consensual but unprotected sex" and say the women only made the claims after finding out about each other's relationships with Assange."

The Christian Science Monitor has posted a story saying that in one instance, Assange refused to stop in the middle of the sex act when his condom broke, and that in the other he had sex with the woman while she was asleep.

As in many US states now, consensual sex in Sweden can become non consensual during the sex act, and if it does, it becomes rape. That is, if the woman had consented, but during sex she says "stop" and the man doesn't stop, he can be charged with rape.

However in Sweden, apparently, consent can be withdrawn after the act is completed. If the woman finds out you used deception, or were in a sexual relationship with someone else at the time, that also can be considered sexual assault.

 Although it's not clear yet what happened, one thing is true: Whenever a new batch of documents is released, the case of the rape charges is in the news soon afterward. The initial investigation, where charges were filed, withdrawn, filed again, began just as the last batch of leaked documents was released. Behind the charges was a Swedish woman who had been a CIA source at one time, and who reportedly recruited the other accuser, a younger woman she knew. Some news outlets report that the women decided to file charges when they realized Assange was seeing the other woman, too.

What is also clear is that there was bound to be an attack on Assange by the US and it's allies after he released diplomatic cables that embarrassed them. Don't be surprised by anything you read about him just yet.

Naomi Wolf, a feminist blogger on Huffington Post, has written a piece mocking Assange's arrest titled "Julian Assange Captured By World's Dating Police."

* At last count there were 1,241 "mirror" Wikileaks sites, that is, web sites supporters of WikiLeaks have put up, where you can find the leaked cables if the original WikiLeaks gets shut down.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Kramer Junction, CA., Sunday morning

Listening to Amy from the 3rd, a debate about WikiLeaks, having done my yoga and enjoyed a pleasing breakfast of quinoa over hemp seed granola, organic bananas, rice milk with a cup of pleasing organic coffee. I’m so very pleased, with my self and my surroundings, my comfortable little home on wheels, a beautiful morning in the Mojave Desert. This is what I have these days, these brief interludes.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Winnemucca 4:03 a.m.

Listening to my podcasts...did FAIR, one I’d already listened to in their archives I guess, but now Uprising, Democracy Now -- will our hero Julian Assange outwit the meanies and bring us more candy coated popcorn.... 

I have been reading things all over the internet about the latest WiliLeaks, and many people are delighted. People with particular interests, like Lebanon, are delighted -- this new information fills in gaps and confirms projections and affirms suspicions, but when I put these leaks in the context of the overall struggle I see that one, these are not going to raise much working class consciousness, which is a much more critical issue than who among the ruling elite is in power at the moment or which center of Capitalism has the upper hand. And two, despite all the tit titting by the conservative press and conservatives about the harm this does to Capitalism it does no harm. Hillary Clinton, possibly, but Warren Buffet, Bill Gates, no. And you could catch one of these people red handed committing murder, like George Bush was caught and Barak Obama is almost daily, and it would not phase them or alter  their course of action, which is to protect American Empire, Capitalism, and the people who put them in office and then congratulate themselves on their flawless performance and on being a part of world history.

It was a nice drive down US 95 from the vicinity of Boise....Well first, I loaded this morning in Baker City; lumber, going to CA. Then found the local co-op, where a friendly volunteer, a beaming older woman who was delighted to hear that a truck driver from near and far away had sought out their little co-op, helped me find the coffee while we chatted about coffee and the co-op. "It's very well stocked," I said. She almost blushed. "I hear the one in Boise is.." she paused to search for the word to describe it, "huge," and then she was standing by when I checked out, where a new volunteer peopling the cash register began by asking me for my number. "My what?" My benefactor, my protector, my Julian Assange, intervened, "Oh just pass him on through. He goes to co-ops all over the  country!" So I think I was supposed to have been a member to shop there.

 But I made it out of Baker City with my illegal co-op purchase and made it about 100 miles before last night’s not having slept overtook me. I had wanted to drive some of US 95 before it became dark out because I’d not been on that stretch of it before, but after 100 miles was I done with so stopped at some small town truck stop and slept five or six hours and woke late in the evening and wanted to wait until daylight but decided I needed to set out -- really nothing there to be done so thought I’d drive until tired, and set out.

The road immediately climbs into some rough rock hills, way on up and onto a high dry shaggy plateau, open range..and becomes immediately desolate. At 40 miles I came to a little town that was already all asleep and from there drove several half hour stretches without passing anyone. This leisure, this peace, made it worth not seeing where I was. I drive so much of the time surrounded by cars and trucks, being followed, being passed, having to pass and having to pay attention and be annoyed by annoying assholes, and the peace of driving is why I drive.

My earliest driving was of this type, when I was 17 and 18 years old I was driving alone at night. I’d be unable to sleep and lay in bed until all was quiet then sneak out of the house and back my car out of the driveway with the lights out and make my way via back roads to the expressway...and just drive. It was peaceful out there then...there is as much paved roadway now as then, but then, there was a third or even a quarter of the traffic there is now...and not only have we mushroomed --  driven-vehicle wise -- but have become an around the clock society, too. 

Friday, December 3, 2010

 Boycott Amazon Some More

In 2007, I think it was, I heeded a call to boycott because of the treatment they were giving former President Jimmy Carter's new book "Palestine: Peace Not Apartheid," which was a pretty honest assessment of the situation in Palestine. It didn't go as far as I would have gone in telling the sad truth about the ethnic cleansing and the inhuman treatment that Israel has been visiting upon the Palestinians for the past 60 years, but it was a significant book in that it was the first time such a figure as Jimmy Carter had attempted to tackle the subject. Amazon had given preferential placement to a scathing, dishonest review of the book by Israeli citizen, former IDF member and ardent Zionist, Jeffrey Goldberg, without even displaying a review that might have balanced Goldberg's out. I canceled my Amazon account and got used to a world without Amazon.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Loss, Productivity, and Profit

Boise TA - 7:18 p.m.

This picture is not of the TA or Boise or any combination thereof but is one I just came across in the depths of my computer -- I think that was Casper, Wyoming, or Caspar if, like me, you can't spell very well.

TA being Truck Stops of America, the biggest truck stop chain. It's basically the old Pure, later Union 76 chain. The older ones, big, two story buildings with the showers and driver's lounge upstairs, are of the cavernous concrete bunker style of architecture, American post war largess. TA is owned now by a holding company, that is gradually remodeling or replacing the old behemoths with lower buildings of standard bottom-line industrial design, and instead of restaurants with real food they are bringing in fast food outlets like Burger King.

And the plate no longer a platter, grows emptier, and the outlook for leading interesting and fulfilling lives grows bleaker. You can drive coast to coast in the United States now and not know where you are because every city you pass through has the same limited set of fast food outlets, motels, automotive repair and tire outlets and big box stores. Limited by Capitalism's dynamics and its inexorable trend toward monopoly, to sameness and oneness and lack of choice and variety. With the missing sensory stimulation now provided in whole, artificially, by television.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

We're Screwed - Net Neutrality Bites The Dust

Net Neutrality, the concept that the Internet is open equally to anyone, the idea that service providers have to let everything go through on an equal basis and can't filter or block some content or charge more for some content, or let things like Fox News through at full speed but slow down or eliminate alternative viewpoints, is in my view one of the last best hopes for maintaining any semblance of democracy in America, and the rest of the world, and, what with the monopolization and corporate control of the media over the past few decades, for giving we, the people, a way to fight back -- against anything.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Day Two in Pocatella. A city divided, whether amongst itself or college students versus townies or insiders versus outsiders...I don’t know. I can say that my initial reaction -- that it’s an unhurried, people sparsely driving around in sort of town  -- was way off. Many, many people drive around here.

I found that out when went looking for that old truck stop on the south end, on the old highway that I'd spotted yesterday as I entered the ville looking for my customer. Sure enough, an old one it was, and only partially functioning. The restaurant is closed already, the fueling and convenience store part is now closed at night weekends. Nice restroom however.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Let Them Drink Diesel Fuel

Massive groundwater contamination at Kirtland Air Force Base, which sits on a plateau a couple hundred feet above Albuquerque, is spreading and threatens the drinking water of the entire Rio Grande Valley, and the Albuquerque Journal this morning referred to money being spent to clean it up as throwing money at the problem.

The story showed up this morning on my Google news page. The Journal is a staunchly Republican, utterly useless rag that still believes the assemblage of campaign slogans referred to as Reaganomics is a real economic theory.

Thursday, November 18, 2010


Muddy Waters in the K-Mart Parking Lot

I'm laid over here, no word from the company before everyone went home for the day so I'll be here at least all night... I was unloaded just after lunch, after having dropped off one bundle of this conduit, from Harvey, IL, in Bountiful first thing this morning and then made it up here 11ish -- but it was one of the best drives I can recall having in awhile, that is, the I-15 up from Salt Lake Villa -- they like to Salt Lake it; everyone but the Salt Lick NPR folks who are too formal or obdurate, obdurately formal, an obdurate formalism -- anyway it’s a nice and beautiful drive, as I have mentioned before some time and somewhere. After the 84-15 split is where the landscape really gets geographic...Yes, Neo geogaphic sex.... 

Friday, November 12, 2010

Doctrine and Donnie


Baton Rouge

Sitting here at the old truck stop under the bridge (US 190 just across from Baton Rouge, where I stopped some years ago and have since always retended....and this is indeed be one of the hardest to get into places I've hardly into'd.) (Oh, and, it must make you feel good to sit there and say these aren't correctors..they are if English was a scientific language. They may not be correct yet, is all you can say. Yet or any more but no more..) but yes sitting here having been unable to weigh..the old Black woman on duty who comes on hard for some old reason..I called her on the intercom, she asked form my truck number, I said so. She came back with "come back?" I did it. Then sat there for a minute or more, nothing more from her and I got to wondering, did she say "come in?" which is what they always say... so I went ahead and began pulling off and now, now I hear her barking after me over the intercom. I parked, walked over there and went in and she comes on hard again "I DIDN'T GET YOU." I misplace it. "WHAT????" She rattles off some number, an error code or whatnot, I walked not unto her any more but back to my truck. B'l'long.

But yes Jimmy Swaggert and corporation are viably onair, mentioning about how once you're saved, you're saved and it's all about the Cross, so yes he is right there on the standard Republican Protestant dogma, doctrine, salvation via grace alone so it occurs to me: What was Jesus doing then, just making conversation?

Killing time?

Trying out a few one liners?

Oh yea, raising the bar.

Setting up my sarcasm?

Donnie is preaching das fier today...he is immature and caught up and angry...says when you get to heaven you aren't going to have to order a tape...but on second thought adds "But you should."

He's on a spitting rant now though, this he does well and is why I like him. There is something of a spectacle in it and I like spectacle, and I appreciate when someone is enthusiastic about what they even if they do nonsense.

Two hundred miles from Memphis

11/4/10 3:54 p.m., an  exit ramp north of Jackson MS where I just had a nice organic lunch -- Ezekial cereal, rice milk, sliced banana, raisin bread peanut butter sandwich, large orange, Columbian coffee mixed with a little Ethiopean...

Got a free internet signal a few minutes from a Holiday it’s been shut off but had time to check my bank balance ($8,600) my email (no replies from KPFK or my congressgal nor not any) my Discover card (still a -.20 bal) and the front page of the The Nation (where some time ago I quit sending money to well to do Liberals so they can continue to ride around Manhattan in taxi cabs but were I’m still signed up until 2020 or 21 it appears)

I heard no mention of that a few miles back when listening to a bit of the old dead Marlon Maddux show Point of View, which with Marlon being dead has been taken over by other whackos who rail about the illegality of the income tax, and fundraising. Last I heard them they were fundraising by evoking homosexuality and the dead Marlon. Give us money so we can fight the homosexual agenda. Marlon would have wanted it that way, repeated over and over....

Well as I say 200 miles to Memphis...last day of TA double points -- I’ve built mine up to about $33 I think by exclusively fueling at TAs -- so I’ll be looking for any and all TAs to get any and all amounts of fuel. I’m at half tank so I can make Memphis and probably that TA up the Delta a ways, just north of the Missouri Line I believe it stands.

Beautious day. I’ve been in the mid 70s with sunshine so far. I’ve been getting mostly bypasses at scales but there’s one coming out of Louisiana on I-55 with no prepass. Pulled in there and was stopped on the scales. Sat there several long seconds while I presume they looked over my load securement. Got the green light to move on without comment. Praise God.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Trucker's Paradise


The owner of a truck stop named Trucker's Paradise has a good sense of irony -- and there is such a place, rather there are two, the other being in Florida but the one I frequent is in Houston, an independent just off the I-610 at Wallisville Road, about an exit from McCarthy Street/US 90. There's a little cafeteria-style Mexican restaurant there but it's only open during the day and the parking lot is a dumping ground for trash and unwanted pallets and other such dunnage and it's a long and unlit walk from its back reaches to the building itself and it's one of the few places I don't feel safe after dark, but it's not owned by a corporation, the most dangerous, we know, things of all.
Where I Met My Other Self

21 miles west of Jal, 11:15 a.m. (written July 27, 2010 but never posted)

At a dry and dusty not too muskydusky oil/cow field. Jal is a delight -- a big goat pen in town, goats tied up a long the street to graze up the roadside grass.

I am next to last in a waiting line of 6 I think trucks, facing an oil drilling rig where no activity is active, enjoying a cup of freshly just this moment brewed organic Ethiopian -- this from back in the expensive finely ground North Dakotan place.

Jal is in the other New Mexico, the eastern half, the badlands as Marty Robbins said. It's where the great plains end, a no man's land between Texas and the desert mountains and the Indian lands. This was the zone of death for them. Not many were not murdered who tried to hold on to their lands out here in the open. The Llano Estacado, or staked plane.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Support For The Revolt In France On the Rise

If you have been following the struggle by workers in France to prevent the conservatives from emasculating their pensions and making them work until they drop dead,  you know that those coddled French are upset because the dashing Mr Sarkozy is trying to save them from their own selfishness and wants only for them to work until they are 62, instead of the way it is now when they kick back and live a life of ease starting at 60.

Nope. Once again the mainstream media is either terribly uninformed, or else lying. Almost no one in France retires at 60. You can, but at greatly reduced benefits. Most people work until they are 62 or 65. Sarkozy and his Neoliberal masters want it changed so you'd have to work until 67 to get your full retirement.

The workplace in France has undergone the same changes as here. The unrelenting drive by the owners to increase "productivity -- i.e. how much can we get out of our workers for how little -- has meant speed ups and more stress, and French workers know that when they retire, even at 62, they will be about used up.

That is why support for the strikers and demonstrators is growing, not decreasing as the mainstream media suggests and hopes and keeps trying to make happen in article after article that has announced the end of the struggle and the defeat of the workers. On Sept. 7, public support for the strikers stood at 62 percent. By Sept. 23 it had grown to 68 percent and in the latest poll, conducted, by the way, not by any Leftists but an organization called CSA that is controlled by one of France's main capitalists and Sarkozy supporters, Vincent Bollore, stands at 71 percent.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Huevos Rancheros Live

I have left Houston and great Zydeco on KPFT and my new fork truck driver friend behind and am en route to New Mexico with my load of oil field pipe and it was nice sailing out of town last night with Zydeco Pas Sale′ on the radio live...
No Harm Caused By Release Of Documents By Wikileaks

Come to find out, despite ominous warnings and shrieks of protest by our government and military to the contrary, the release back in August of almost 80,000 War Against Afghanistan documents by Wikileaks did not "compromise" any intelligence sources, and there was no reported retribution against Afghans who helped NATO forces.

The same howls of protest are being emitted about the current release of almost 400,000 leaked documents from the War On Iraq, and the campaign of dirty tricks against Wikileaks and the attempts to shut it down continue unabated.

Friday, October 22, 2010

I Thought Of It First

Houston Yard - 1:39 p.m.

"I always try and have my truck worked on here because they're Mexican and they get right on it," one of our drivers, who has a long blond pony tail and is definitely not Mexican, just told me, about an hour ago. He was talking about the mechanics in our shop here.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Cadillac Ranch by Chip Lord, Hudson Marquez and Doug Michels. It's still there,  right beside I-40 on the western outskirts of Amarillo.  Get off at exit 60, by the Love's truck stop, get on the south frontage road and go back toward town about 1/4 mile and you can park alongside the road. The gate is open day or night. Visitors have been making sure the iconic public sculpture does not fall victim to rust by keeping it well coated with paint.

Ouvriers du monde

Amarillo - 11:30 p.m.

In most countries of what is called the West, working people are being robbed on a massive scale, being made to pay for bailing out the rich, on top of the ongoing onslaught on their standard of living called Neoliberalism. Governments, using the policies of Neoliberalism and cheered on by the media, who use the term "needed reforms," are playing a major role in this outright theft, either through their own actions, via laws and fiscal and monetary policy, or in simply standing aside and clearing the way for the rich to directly steal the fruits of our labor through their financial institutions and corporations, with wage and benefit reductions, interest, and general mercantilism.

Saturday, October 16, 2010


I have been fooling around with this Tweeter thing where twits tweet and twats titter and excuse me my Ukranian seemingly Vulgar vanity on the veranda with a for sale sign I mean it in the most gender non neutral secular way of all.

But Jenifer Jajeh the playwright posts on her Twitter page "Now that they rescued the trapped miners maybe they can rescue the 1.5 million Palestinians trapped in Gaza."

Indeed. And I might add as others have that if that mining disaster had happened in West Virginia or at any Saco mine where they routinely make the miners take shortcuts and half the safety equipment doesn't work they'd all have been dead already as happens all the time in the conservative Chamber of Commerce run United States.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Belle Fourche, SD

I will be picking up something here that's going to the Houston area (out by Sugarland I presume) so waited the night out at a Conoco truck stop. I cruised through this town when I came in...came down US 85 and went on down to Spearfish 10 miles yon looking for gloves, and some cables for my 1000 watt inverter, which air conditioner cord I had made into an extension cord had begun to melt and was making the inverter buzz and blip and shut off on me, i.e. overloaded. I now have the inverter hooked direct to the heavy cables coming off the batteries.. it works just fine. I am so delighted... my little life gets a little less miserable.

Friday, October 1, 2010

A neighborhood on the north side of Quito-from the roof of the house I stayed at in 2000

Otro Golpe

Another Coup. Again, Latin America. Ecuador this time. What role did the United States government play?

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Contract On America.2

It was such a beautiful display of hypocrisy I almost cried. The Republican big shots of congress removed their ties and coats for the cameras today and rolled out the program they are going to run on this fall, which, the CS Monitor reveals, "is laced with" tea bagger slogans. It worked 20 years ago when Newt Gingrich said it, why not now?

But yes, headed by God west, back to Salt Lick City with a tarped load that delivers Monday, and from there they already have me pre-planned, as they call it, on a load that picks up in Ogden and delivers in San Ysidro, in sunny southern CA.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Sandusky may be my favorite place name, although Flatonia, TX and Streator, IL, are up there, too.

But yes, back in Ohio, from whence I came. Even with the lollygagging I did I got up here early enough to actually get one of my stops unloaded this afternoon, so I am ahead of schedule and under less pressure tomorrow, and I can fool around tonight with the computer. I am parked in between a little shopping center and a Holiday Inn that is graciously providing a free wifi signal, and I'm on a side street where I doubt anyone will bother me.

Speaking of cops, I see on the internet where the Albuquerque police think they have come up with a way to prevent being videotaped doing illegal things. If someone is taping them with one of those cell phone cameras the cops just walk up to them and tell them they have to confiscate their cell phone for evidence.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Whose Grass Roots?

Instead of talking about the new Republican star Christine O'Donnell we should be talking about the man who put her where she is, Sal Russo.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Revered Doctor Bill

Sitting in the truck in a mini truck stop off I-40 at the Crawford, I guess it is, exit...just west of Greensboro...I am picking up a load of plastic pipe that goes to four stops in Ohio, starting tomorrow morning. It's 6:23 local time. I have a 10 a.m. loading appointment, actually, a rarity for flatbed trucking.

Anyway, fooling around with the new Apple I-book -- I'm still at the point of trying to figure out the difference between Apple and Macintosh.

I wrote some when I first sat down back here in my projected book Faith and Belief...I was trying to

Monday, August 30, 2010

A Parade

About those two groups of people, shouting at each other, both believing the other is leading the country down a path to hell.

The reason it's difficult to see something from the point of view of someone who holds a diametrically opposite viewpoint is that you have to drop all your beliefs and assumptions and assume theirs. This by itself poses problems, such as acquiring the knowledge you'd have to acquire to be able to have those other beliefs and assumptions. It also entails sorting through the ways in which your ego justifies everything you say, and do, and believe, that is, what and how you think.

Friday, August 27, 2010


If you've ever noticed, sometimes, when there is an argument over politics, and people start taking sides, sometimes, someone will say, "Well all politicians are corrupt anyway."  Which elicits immediate head nodding all around and puts a quick end to the argument. It's one of those things we can all easily understand.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

It's Going To Get Worse Before It Gets Better

I have decided that Sarah Palin can't put up a statue of Ronald Reagan dressed in overalls and wearing a baseball cap with a red light on top of it outside her house in Alaska. Sure, it would be legal, but would it be wise? And I don't buy her argument that because of the red light it would increase her understanding of where her driveway is at night. That's just not true.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Monitoring Net Neutrality News -- Senator Jeff Bingaman

Net Neutrality, wherein everyone has equal access to the internet, has always been and continues to be under threat from corporations that seek profit any way they can get it.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

A Fight For His Life

I was going to write about running, that I ran tonight and was all excited about it because it had been two weeks since I last ran, that I ran for more than hour, up some pretty good hills, too, and about how difficult it is to free up the time to run that much. 

But the computer found a free wifi signal and there was more news about the man killed by Albuquerque police last night.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Pakistan is in big trouble - Please help

The devastation caused by the flooding in Pakistan is bad enough but for some reason the usual international outpouring of aid has not been forthcoming, and the government of Pakistan is not up to  the task. 

The UN says 20 million are now homeless, so food and water for those people is going to be a problem. Here is a late New York Times story:

And from The Guardian:

Further below I listed some ways to donate money, and here is a link to aid efforts organized by the labor unions of Pakistan.

Thank you

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Salt Lick City

The Sapp Brothers Truck Stop off the I-205 at California Ave, that is, where they provide free by God wireless internet, God bless those blessed by God Sapp blessed family Bros. And where I just enjoyed the loveliest blessed silver dollar pancakes of which I ever partook. Light, fluffy, and of a color, not golden brown but on the other side of golden from brown, that suggested they had barely touched the griddle. Perhaps the cook, who looked native and had a long pony tail, makes them hover over the grille.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

 Fowler, CA

Jalapena Up And Utah Bound

Politicians had two choices -- return tax rates on the rich a little closer to what they were a few years ago, or let the country fall apart, and they have chosen the latter, writes Paul Krugman today, reiterating what's been said over and over in Counterpunch. They did it for reasons we can all easily list.  They are beholden to those whose campaign bribes install them in office. They, the politicans, are mostly rich themselves. And they are still in the thrall of Neoliberalism, or if you will, Reaganomics.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Please Help Pakistan If You Can

Pakistan has experienced its share of problems of late; the assassination of Benezir Bhutto, a devastating earthquake, civil war in the Swat Valley, Taliban, suicide bombings, ongoing corruption, and now the floods, with more than 1,500 already dead and perhaps four million left without homes or sustenance.  The rain continues, the flooding is still expanding, damns and levees are at the point of giving way or have already failed.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Hard Driven Times

I have been looking for an external hard drive to back up some things on the computer and went to a couple web sites to look at reviews of various models. There are professional reviews by staff members, which usually give the products good references, and then there are the reader's reviews by people who actually went out bought the stuff, and on these I see review after review in which the external hard drives didn't work at all, or worked a little while and then quit. This just wasn't one company's hard drives, either. What's more, many of the readers said the companies are refusing to honor their warranties.

For the record - Eugene, still.  I just wanted to note that I've been kicked out of the shipper (interesting, that, too -- engineered no doubt by the little guard who was condescending from the beginning in that shipping clerk 101 here's how you treat a driver way)... anyway I sent in an FYI message and Doug was a little curt in his reply so I called and we had a nice chat, got the good side of Doug, not the brusk in a hurry Doug or the afraid of what headquarters might do Doug but the worked for 15 years as operations manager at UPS at the airport, wrote an Exel form the company still uses for night shift problems Doug) and he said he'd been sending messages to Troutdale, whose load this is, but the night guy in Troutdale kept blowing him off, was simply deleting his repeated inquiries about my load without answering them...

I am waiting until the prescribed time so I can go over to International Paper and pick up a load going to Fresno, somewhere around there.. I can't recollect right now. But I am parked next to one of those trucks with the new noxious diesel powered generator/heater/air conditioner units mounted on the frame behind the cab and it's over there blaring away and emitting poison gases at nostril level --- if you think you can sleep parked between two of these go right ahead and enjoy it, because I cannot. I just spent another sleepless night in Fernley parked next to just one of them.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

A little bit south of Pecos, Texas


by: José de Espronceda (1808-1842)
"My music is the Northwind's roar;
The noise when round the cable runs,
The bellowings of the Black Sea's shore,
And rolling of my guns.
And as the thunders loudly sound,
And furious the tempests rave,
I calmly rest in sleep profound,
So rocked upon the wave.
My treasure is my gallant bark,
My only God is liberty;
My law is might, the wind my mark,
My country is the sea.
--Translated by James Kennedy

Mount Shasta