Saturday, August 14, 2010

Salt Lick City

The Sapp Brothers Truck Stop off the I-205 at California Ave, that is, where they provide free by God wireless internet, God bless those blessed by God Sapp blessed family Bros. And where I just enjoyed the loveliest blessed silver dollar pancakes of which I ever partook. Light, fluffy, and of a color, not golden brown but on the other side of golden from brown, that suggested they had barely touched the griddle. Perhaps the cook, who looked native and had a long pony tail, makes them hover over the grille.

I think I will try that when I get home, and get my kitchen stuff out of storage and get my kitchen set up, when I can go to the co-op, and eat what I want to eat and cook what I want to cook, whenever I ever do have a home, that is, although I hasten to add, it is nice not having to pay the bank 120 percent interest, or pay rent to some jackass who owns property by virtue of having no virtue.

Not that bankers aren't jackasses. Moreso. Criminal jackasses.

Speaking of jackasses, this company I work for... I would go into it, this afternoon's and evening's travails, but it involves too much the ins and outs of the trucking business, which indeed I started to go into, but the explanation went on and on and kept on onning and yawning far into the night and so I deleted it all and will simply say that this company, which attempts, by a vast and somewhat lameheaded system of rules and procedures, more than any other company I have ever been with, to control everything a driver does, is successful because a balance is maintained, not purposely, but maintained nonetheless, between their desire to control everything we do, and their inability, owing to their incompetence, to thoroughly and consistently enact that system of controls.

Part of it, I will say, is that they need to keep an eye on many of these drivers, because the turnover rate among drivers is so high, more than 100 percent per year, that they don't all know, all that well, what they are doing, and that is because the company does not adequately train new drivers, because that costs money, which goes back to the owner, and his greed, and his need to be the owner of a Big company.

But as I say, there is this contradiction between the company's, his, need to control and his inability to actually accomplish the degree of control he needs, and within that contradiction it is possible to find room to maneuver, and to stay out of trouble, at least to an extent at which you don't get fired, with a little luck thrown in.

But on this day it caused me quite some extra work, and quite some needless extra waiting for someone else to do their job, which job never did they do, so I am going to try to get some sleep

Incidentally, I meant to mention somewhere that I started this web log the other day when I happened upon a part of the Google Empire where you can start your own web log. I think I was searching for the part of the Google Empire where you can convert paper money printed in the 1870s to tickets to the opera in Sri Lanka, but I came upon this.

Before this I had no idea how people did this. I have considered having a web site before, and once even rented space for one, and downloaded a free web site creating program called Nvu, but never figured out how to do it all, and never posted anything, and when my annual rental on the web site space came up I just let it lapse.

Incidentally, I rented the web site space from a company called, which is a project of the Mountain Area Information Network, MAIN, in Asheville, NC, which seeks to extend internet access to rural areas. MAIN also has a low power, progressive FM station there in Asheville, right there in the mountains surrounded by mountains of Republicans, and they put out some most interesting and entertaining programing, all by volunteers, which I listen to, via podcasts, now and then. But I have contributed money to MAIN in the past, so I just considered the year's rent on the web site space money well wasted.

The web site idea just kind of receded into the nether regions of my consciousness until the other day, when I came across this part of the Google Empire, and so I just started the web log, without having a clear notion of what to do with it. I think I had a clear notion of what I wanted to do with that other web site, but that receded into the nether regions too, and I haven't seen it around lately.

I think I have it set up now so you can comment, if you care to comment. I welcome your comment. Even if you don't read these long posts you can still comment. It's important to have a means of self expression. Maybe you work for a company like I do, where there is not even a mechanism for my input, where it is not wanted, where to provide such a mechanism would be a tacit admission that I had something worthwhile to say.

I've noticed that some web logs evolve in concept, as an animal species might evolve, for those of you who believe in evolution. This, I think, actually appeared, on its own, as far as I can say, out of the void that is my my consciousness, and perhaps will become part of the firmament someday. In either case I intend meanwhile to put up some of what I consider to be my best photographs, and try to write down what is on my mind.

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