Sunday, August 8, 2010


For the record - Eugene, still.  I just wanted to note that I've been kicked out of the shipper (interesting, that, too -- engineered no doubt by the little guard who was condescending from the beginning in that shipping clerk 101 here's how you treat a driver way)... anyway I sent in an FYI message and Doug was a little curt in his reply so I called and we had a nice chat, got the good side of Doug, not the brusk in a hurry Doug or the afraid of what headquarters might do Doug but the worked for 15 years as operations manager at UPS at the airport, wrote an Exel form the company still uses for night shift problems Doug) and he said he'd been sending messages to Troutdale, whose load this is, but the night guy in Troutdale kept blowing him off, was simply deleting his repeated inquiries about my load without answering them...
So I told him I'd be in the truck stop having coffee, which means I accept no further responsibility for picking this load up, not that they can't and won't put it on me if anyone gets in trouble about it but that I'm done with it and do what you will. Which meant cherry pie in a bowl with milk served up by the most cute waitress, a bit of an Asian look to her, like a Meg Tilly look or something... who kept on being friendly and thanked me and wished me a nice day and I just let it go, and I don't regret doing that any more, not  much.

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