Monday, October 18, 2010

Cadillac Ranch by Chip Lord, Hudson Marquez and Doug Michels. It's still there,  right beside I-40 on the western outskirts of Amarillo.  Get off at exit 60, by the Love's truck stop, get on the south frontage road and go back toward town about 1/4 mile and you can park alongside the road. The gate is open day or night. Visitors have been making sure the iconic public sculpture does not fall victim to rust by keeping it well coated with paint.

Ouvriers du monde

Amarillo - 11:30 p.m.

In most countries of what is called the West, working people are being robbed on a massive scale, being made to pay for bailing out the rich, on top of the ongoing onslaught on their standard of living called Neoliberalism. Governments, using the policies of Neoliberalism and cheered on by the media, who use the term "needed reforms," are playing a major role in this outright theft, either through their own actions, via laws and fiscal and monetary policy, or in simply standing aside and clearing the way for the rich to directly steal the fruits of our labor through their financial institutions and corporations, with wage and benefit reductions, interest, and general mercantilism.

Bankers are one, very good example of this. Just two years after these banker thugs were given trillions of our money because they were behind in their bills, they seized 816,000 homes in the first nine months of 2010. These are people who are already hurting, and as has been all over the news lately, bankers seized a lot of those houses illegally. When we do that, it's theft.On the radio program Democracy Now the other day they played the recording of the phone call a woman made to police when she was in her house, alone, and the bank sent someone out to break in and change the locks on her doors. She was hysterical.

Her home wasn't even in foreclosure yet. She was just behind in her payments. They interviewed her lawyer, and he says he's representing people all over the country like that. The thug bankers think they can get away with anything now, apparently, and our government does nothing to disabuse these criminals of that notion. Au contraire.

The docile, obedient working class of the United States -- and by working class I mean people who work for a living -- is a long way from being swept up in any kind of mass, internationally based struggle against the robbery now underway, but in Europe it's a slightly different story. First in Greece, then Spain, and now France, the working class is fighting back through mass mobilization, most publicly through mass protests and strikes.

It would behoove working people here to start paying attention to  what is going on  there. For those accustomed to mainstream media, The Guardian, of England, is a good place to begin weaning yourself away from the capitalist propaganda you've been fed your whole life. You will get a small taste of what is going on in the world.

I will begin to include some other sources on the web site when I have time to figure out how to do that. Until then here are a couple of good places to start.

As pour moi, I am in Amarillo, the Flying J truck stop as alas, my former place here, the independent truck stop further up the road with it's little Peppermill Restaurant, is no more.

This load goes to Rosenburg, by the way, not far from Sugarland but not Houston... Sugarland of Tom DeLay infamy.

I got down here early enough to get a nice run in before dark. Amarillo is circled by a big loop bypass and within that loop some of the space is rural in composition and I know places here and there to park out there, so I just parked out there and went running. Some of the roads have a shoulder, and then some are rural enough you can just run down the side of the road -- it's all flat and wide open so it's not like you'll suddenly be overtaken by a stampede of runaway cattle.

I came to the Flying J afterward just to get a meal -- they have the buffet with a decent salad bar. In the background of course it's Fox News on the TV, de rigueur... the savage capitalists who own these places all must think truck drivers are stupid assholes, or else are attempting to turn us into one. I always take something in with me to read.

Actually that is my reading time, about the only reading I do get done. I'm reading From Bananas to Buttocks, which despite its provocative title and cover photograph of Lupe Valdez being a hot, spicy Latina is a collection of scholarly essays on how the US media has furthered the goals of empire by portraying Latinas as hot, spicy and not to be taken seriously when our troops are overrunning their countries of origin to make that part of the world safe for capitalist exploitation as they have done upon many, many occasions continuing until today...

I confess I was provoked into choosing this book in particular, however I do have more honorable intent if not motives, being as how it is being predicted that before long, people of Latin American origin, and native speakers of Spanish, will be the majority in the United States, and I for one want to know, and understand perhaps, more about who I will be dealing with, and working for.

The book, incidentally, edited by Myra Mendible, despite everything being in that, to me, annoying post structuralist style, is good, very informative. Just from looking at the footnotes, at what they are building on, you can see that there are a lot of scholars involved in the project of laying the groundwork, making the case in that academic, difficult to refute manner. They do not point it out themselves, but in their documenting of the history of our treatment of Hispanics, you can easily see the reasons behind the brown berets and the Aztlan movement, and as I say, if they are to be the majority before long, there may be a price to pay.

Who knows?

Incidentally, here is a link to an article that pretty well lays out the tragedy affecting public education in this country.

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