Saturday, October 16, 2010


I have been fooling around with this Tweeter thing where twits tweet and twats titter and excuse me my Ukranian seemingly Vulgar vanity on the veranda with a for sale sign I mean it in the most gender non neutral secular way of all.

But Jenifer Jajeh the playwright posts on her Twitter page "Now that they rescued the trapped miners maybe they can rescue the 1.5 million Palestinians trapped in Gaza."

Indeed. And I might add as others have that if that mining disaster had happened in West Virginia or at any Saco mine where they routinely make the miners take shortcuts and half the safety equipment doesn't work they'd all have been dead already as happens all the time in the conservative Chamber of Commerce run United States.
But yes, sitting here at the little truck stop at the foot of the hill waiting for coffee to brew...had to get water first, $2.19 a gallon but got two to avoid having to stop again. I forgot to get it when I stopped in Pueblo, which by the way is a city worth stopping for. I looked up the Ambrosia Natural Foods store, 112 Colorado Avenue if you're in the neighborhood, and was delighted by that part of town, and the store was nice, too, old and wooden floors reminding of places I followed my mother around. Got five jugs of juice and then some and got out of there for under $40.

But saw a myriad of fine old architecture, and very tasteful and gallic urban decoration, including the spectacular and imposing four story rambling Central High School. Most of what I saw was at a distance. Here was invented the steam car, I heard on Colorado Public Radio

Wide streets, too, so parking enough for the truck and it was easy to find the place, to park, and leisurely driving around, find my way back out...but a nice town, where I pick up loads of cable now and then at the ancient Rocky Mountain steel mill, which today is miles of long cavernous empty decaying buildings with production continuing in parts of just a couple, making the cable and they make some railroad track, too.

Well, coffee's done, time to head up and over the plain..

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