Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Support For The Revolt In France On the Rise

If you have been following the struggle by workers in France to prevent the conservatives from emasculating their pensions and making them work until they drop dead,  you know that those coddled French are upset because the dashing Mr Sarkozy is trying to save them from their own selfishness and wants only for them to work until they are 62, instead of the way it is now when they kick back and live a life of ease starting at 60.

Nope. Once again the mainstream media is either terribly uninformed, or else lying. Almost no one in France retires at 60. You can, but at greatly reduced benefits. Most people work until they are 62 or 65. Sarkozy and his Neoliberal masters want it changed so you'd have to work until 67 to get your full retirement.

The workplace in France has undergone the same changes as here. The unrelenting drive by the owners to increase "productivity -- i.e. how much can we get out of our workers for how little -- has meant speed ups and more stress, and French workers know that when they retire, even at 62, they will be about used up.

That is why support for the strikers and demonstrators is growing, not decreasing as the mainstream media suggests and hopes and keeps trying to make happen in article after article that has announced the end of the struggle and the defeat of the workers. On Sept. 7, public support for the strikers stood at 62 percent. By Sept. 23 it had grown to 68 percent and in the latest poll, conducted, by the way, not by any Leftists but an organization called CSA that is controlled by one of France's main capitalists and Sarkozy supporters, Vincent Bollore, stands at 71 percent.

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