Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Day Two in Pocatella. A city divided, whether amongst itself or college students versus townies or insiders versus outsiders...I don’t know. I can say that my initial reaction -- that it’s an unhurried, people sparsely driving around in sort of town  -- was way off. Many, many people drive around here.

I found that out when went looking for that old truck stop on the south end, on the old highway that I'd spotted yesterday as I entered the ville looking for my customer. Sure enough, an old one it was, and only partially functioning. The restaurant is closed already, the fueling and convenience store part is now closed at night weekends. Nice restroom however.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Let Them Drink Diesel Fuel

Massive groundwater contamination at Kirtland Air Force Base, which sits on a plateau a couple hundred feet above Albuquerque, is spreading and threatens the drinking water of the entire Rio Grande Valley, and the Albuquerque Journal this morning referred to money being spent to clean it up as throwing money at the problem.

The story showed up this morning on my Google news page. The Journal is a staunchly Republican, utterly useless rag that still believes the assemblage of campaign slogans referred to as Reaganomics is a real economic theory.


Thursday, November 18, 2010


Muddy Waters in the K-Mart Parking Lot

I'm laid over here, no word from the company before everyone went home for the day so I'll be here at least all night... I was unloaded just after lunch, after having dropped off one bundle of this conduit, from Harvey, IL, in Bountiful first thing this morning and then made it up here 11ish -- but it was one of the best drives I can recall having in awhile, that is, the I-15 up from Salt Lake Villa -- they like to Salt Lake it; everyone but the Salt Lick NPR folks who are too formal or obdurate, obdurately formal, an obdurate formalism -- anyway it’s a nice and beautiful drive, as I have mentioned before some time and somewhere. After the 84-15 split is where the landscape really gets geographic...Yes, Neo geogaphic sex.... 

Friday, November 12, 2010

Doctrine and Donnie


Baton Rouge

Sitting here at the old truck stop under the bridge (US 190 just across from Baton Rouge, where I stopped some years ago and have since always retended....and this is indeed be one of the hardest to get into places I've hardly into'd.) (Oh, and, it must make you feel good to sit there and say these aren't correctors..they are correctedees...as if English was a scientific language. They may not be correct yet, is all you can say. Yet or any more but no more..) but yes sitting here having been unable to weigh..the old Black woman on duty who comes on hard for some old reason..I called her on the intercom, she asked form my truck number, I said so. She came back with "come back?" I did it. Then sat there for a minute or more, nothing more from her and I got to wondering, did she say "come in?" which is what they always say... so I went ahead and began pulling off and now, now I hear her barking after me over the intercom. I parked, walked over there and went in and she comes on hard again "I DIDN'T GET YOU." I misplace it. "WHAT????" She rattles off some number, an error code or whatnot, I walked not unto her any more but back to my truck. B'l'long.

But yes Jimmy Swaggert and corporation are viably onair, mentioning about how once you're saved, you're saved and it's all about the Cross, so yes he is right there on the standard Republican Protestant dogma, doctrine, salvation via grace alone so it occurs to me: What was Jesus doing then, just making conversation?

Killing time?

Trying out a few one liners?

Oh yea, raising the bar.

Setting up my sarcasm?

Donnie is preaching das fier today...he is immature and caught up and angry...says when you get to heaven you aren't going to have to order a tape...but on second thought adds "But you should."

He's on a spitting rant now though, this he does well and is why I like him. There is something of a spectacle in it and I like spectacle, and I appreciate when someone is enthusiastic about what they even if they do nonsense.

Two hundred miles from Memphis

11/4/10 3:54 p.m., an  exit ramp north of Jackson MS where I just had a nice organic lunch -- Ezekial cereal, rice milk, sliced banana, raisin bread peanut butter sandwich, large orange, Columbian coffee mixed with a little Ethiopean...

Got a free internet signal a few minutes from a Holiday Inn...now it’s been shut off but had time to check my bank balance ($8,600) my email (no replies from KPFK or my congressgal nor not any) my Discover card (still a -.20 bal) and the front page of the The Nation (where some time ago I quit sending money to well to do Liberals so they can continue to ride around Manhattan in taxi cabs but were I’m still signed up until 2020 or 21 it appears)

I heard no mention of that a few miles back when listening to a bit of the old dead Marlon Maddux show Point of View, which with Marlon being dead has been taken over by other whackos who rail about the illegality of the income tax, and fundraising. Last I heard them they were fundraising by evoking homosexuality and the dead Marlon. Give us money so we can fight the homosexual agenda. Marlon would have wanted it that way, repeated over and over....

Well as I say 200 miles to Memphis...last day of TA double points -- I’ve built mine up to about $33 I think by exclusively fueling at TAs -- so I’ll be looking for any and all TAs to get any and all amounts of fuel. I’m at half tank so I can make Memphis and probably that TA up the Delta a ways, just north of the Missouri Line I believe it stands.

Beautious day. I’ve been in the mid 70s with sunshine so far. I’ve been getting mostly bypasses at scales but there’s one coming out of Louisiana on I-55 with no prepass. Pulled in there and was stopped on the scales. Sat there several long seconds while I presume they looked over my load securement. Got the green light to move on without comment. Praise God.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Trucker's Paradise


The owner of a truck stop named Trucker's Paradise has a good sense of irony -- and there is such a place, rather there are two, the other being in Florida but the one I frequent is in Houston, an independent just off the I-610 at Wallisville Road, about an exit from McCarthy Street/US 90. There's a little cafeteria-style Mexican restaurant there but it's only open during the day and the parking lot is a dumping ground for trash and unwanted pallets and other such dunnage and it's a long and unlit walk from its back reaches to the building itself and it's one of the few places I don't feel safe after dark, but it's not owned by a corporation, the most dangerous, we know, things of all.
Where I Met My Other Self

21 miles west of Jal, 11:15 a.m. (written July 27, 2010 but never posted)

At a dry and dusty not too muskydusky oil/cow field. Jal is a delight -- a big goat pen in town, goats tied up a long the street to graze up the roadside grass.

I am next to last in a waiting line of 6 I think trucks, facing an oil drilling rig where no activity is active, enjoying a cup of freshly just this moment brewed organic Ethiopian -- this from back in the expensive finely ground North Dakotan place.

Jal is in the other New Mexico, the eastern half, the badlands as Marty Robbins said. It's where the great plains end, a no man's land between Texas and the desert mountains and the Indian lands. This was the zone of death for them. Not many were not murdered who tried to hold on to their lands out here in the open. The Llano Estacado, or staked plane.