Thursday, November 18, 2010


Muddy Waters in the K-Mart Parking Lot

I'm laid over here, no word from the company before everyone went home for the day so I'll be here at least all night... I was unloaded just after lunch, after having dropped off one bundle of this conduit, from Harvey, IL, in Bountiful first thing this morning and then made it up here 11ish -- but it was one of the best drives I can recall having in awhile, that is, the I-15 up from Salt Lake Villa -- they like to Salt Lake it; everyone but the Salt Lick NPR folks who are too formal or obdurate, obdurately formal, an obdurate formalism -- anyway it’s a nice and beautiful drive, as I have mentioned before some time and somewhere. After the 84-15 split is where the landscape really gets geographic...Yes, Neo geogaphic sex.... 

For awhile you're passing a lava flow the size of Niles, Michigan, the landscape is sparsely populated, with big sweeping grades to coast down, too. Pocatello -- which I have somehow managed to avoid until now, seemed likewise sparse, and in the part of town where I unloaded the big blocks and large lots were peaceful looking. Wide residential streets...nothing fancy, too. But then as I left there and began looking up health food stores and then supermarkets with organic produce I was overwhelmed by traffic. It’s a 50,000 population town with 75,000 worth of people hurrying to get where they are before they are overwhelmed by their own whelm.

I’d only slept four hours last night -- there at the electric supply place in Bountiful where I unloaded the first drop  -- and I’d turned on the computer to discover a free wifi connection -- so up here then after unloading and loading up with organic foods I slept a couple or one hours then drove around looking for whatever -- a Super 8 motel most likely -- ended up on US 91 going north out of town and where it turns into an Indian Reservation I passed the greatest junk yard I think I have ever passed. I mean not just Chevrolet and Ford it had old Cadillacs and Pontiacs, and I mean the 60s and 50s and beyond. Way beyond even.

Came back to town and pulled in behind K-Mart, went inside looking for a wi-fi spotter.

Earlier, the kid at the Radio Shack had stared at me in disbelief and shock when I asked him if they had "those wi fi spotters."

“WiFi spotters?" He furtively glanced down at the sales flyer lying open on the counter. A wifi spotter didn’t exist for our purposes.

Here at K-Mart I found absolutely nothing I haven’t already bought, so bought myself a pizza -- they have Little Caesar’s in there. The ex and I as I recall had some good couponish Little Caesars but here and now, oh, what a crappy pizza was made for me. Tomato sauce -- the foundation and most important part of a pizza -- was apparently sprayed on with an atomizer while a white bland cheese was layered upon it with a snow shovel.... like coming out on a Thursday morning to find three or four inches of snow on your driveway.


She rings up the customer’s bill
Hands him the change notices
It’s begun to snow a
flurry you might say but sticking to the front door glass
She won’t have to scrape the car windows but
Pockets the tip and wipes the table in
One sidelong motion two more hours to go or soon it will
The school bus won’t be bothered by the snow
What was the forecast well a customer
Will know whatever it is she wants to know
She’s made herself narrow it slides past either side
If something goes past she wished she’d heard
Just asks the next
They all know.

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