Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Day Two in Pocatella. A city divided, whether amongst itself or college students versus townies or insiders versus outsiders...I don’t know. I can say that my initial reaction -- that it’s an unhurried, people sparsely driving around in sort of town  -- was way off. Many, many people drive around here.

I found that out when went looking for that old truck stop on the south end, on the old highway that I'd spotted yesterday as I entered the ville looking for my customer. Sure enough, an old one it was, and only partially functioning. The restaurant is closed already, the fueling and convenience store part is now closed at night weekends. Nice restroom however.In the old downtown area, then, I parked photographing distance from their wieldy old huge grain elevator, shot it and went walking looking for an Herb shop I’d found online, which as it turned was across the rail yard but was prevented from getting there  by a low underpass.

As I walked about in the old downtown, any thing of interest I was interested in photographing had a vehicle parked in front of it...of course that’s the case nationwide. If you want to photograph a bear in Yellowstone Park twenty five miles from the nearest logging trail there is a vehicle parked in front of it. I walked past old railroad motels and used furniture stores and such and a found a place named The Chopstick Cafe and enjoyed a lovely dinner of Chinese Vegetables with steamed rice and terribly weak green tea -- two bags in a pot, and even when I begged two more from my waitress, it was still nearly taste free.

Being thoroughly chilled after walking back to the truck I sit here with the engine running, and the wifi signal I had picked up before is gone. When this happens I suspect that the unknowing provider of the signal now knows and has chosen to deny me.

I had set it download all my podcasts -- and was hoping to listen to Democracy Now, of the Amy Goodman Empire, and see what was being said about the new WikiLeaks leak, but the signal died before anything got downloaded. Google, and the podcasts, are the main way I have of keeping up with the news. I can pick up National Public Radio now and then but I don't even try to look for that any more. it's useless. Even if it wasn't so annoying, with it's upper middle class attitude of nouveau snobbery, it lives in fear of the Republicans in congress, and aptly. I have opportunity to buy newspapers but I just don't think of  them anymore. When I was reporter, wherever I went I always picked up the local paper.

Pocatello Day Three

Wow, after sitting here two days I get a message from my supervisor asking if I’m OK to go to Canada. I reply yes I’m OK to go to Canada.

Lucky for me that I happened to wake up just as his message was coming in. But what fascinates me is that they ask, and in the way they do. Technically I have no choice. Perhaps their asking is an act of contrition.

It’s not very far from here to Canada -- Canada borders Idaho -- and I do enjoy Canada. There is some extra hassle involved -- paperwork, customs clearance, having to call our Canada girl a few times...that the worst -- she can be annoying, and there’s always some trepidation about the actual crossing, differences in Canada regarding driving and making actual deliveries and pickups..but hey! It’s Canada. They have free health care. They are above the Arctic Circle or thereabouts. It’s a foreign country. People hand you your change and don’t just  thank you but sing “Oh Canada.”

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