Saturday, December 18, 2010

Someone has to pay. Us.

Things have gotten way too too bizarre. It's this White House. This administration. This president, Barak Obama.

First, it's being reported that Bradley Manning, the army private being held in solitary confinement on suspicion he supplied WikiLeaks with the video of the US pilots murdering civilians in Iraq like they were playing a video game, along with hundreds of thousands of documents, who, by the way, has not yet been charged with anything, will be offered a plea deal if he turns on WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange. If they can get Manning to say that Assange encouraged him to obtain the documents, Assange can be charged under the espionage act, legal experts say. Otherwise Assange is no more guilty than newspapers like the New York Times that have been publishing the leaked documents.
That's one thing. Another thing is that the United States government is officially in the opium business in Afghanistan. At some point it decided to stop eradicating poppy fields -- poppy seeds are where opium comes from -- and instead is providing security for Afghan poppy farmers. This buys the loyalty of tribal chiefs -- the so called war lords -- who receive part of the profits, and it buys the loyalty of the farmers because now they can repay crop loans they get from the Taliban.

These two things come on top of the fact that we've seen in the past few days that our president is more worried about what the filthy rich one percent at the top think about him than what the other 299,297,000 of us think or what happens to us or whether we lose our jobs or our homes and end up on the street.

This one percent at the top, by the way, has accrued to themselves almost all the new wealth that has been created in the United States since they got their huge tax breaks under the Bush administration. This one percent, who are able to do business in this country because they have free use of the roads and bridges and airport facilities and electrical grid and transportation system that we the people pay for, this one percent who after using all that for free to make their billions, don't have to chip in anything at all.
I can hardly think of anything more disgusting, unless it's these opportunists like Sarah Palin who said Julian Assange should be hunted down like Al Quida and then jetted off for a 48-hour photo op in Haiti to bolster her prospects for becoming the next president, or unless it's having the full weight of the most powerful nation in the history of the world come down on a private who's been kept for months now in solitary confinement with a camera on him day and night and who his family now says is on anti depressant medication, a 22-year-old private who, it seems, got fed up with seeing the wanton murder our soldiers are committing in our name and the lies and the filth our leaders are spewing forth to try to justify decimating Iraq and Afghanistan for no reason whatsoever except to further enrich those one percent bastards at the top of the heap. Or unless it's the fact that our government is involved in the opium business, and of course poppy is also the source of heroin the most addictive drug known to man which has ruined more lives and more families and killed more people than anything I can think of right now except of course the government of the United States.

Take a look, please, at Geraldo Rivera's on-camera interview with a Lieutenant Colonel in the Marines who tells how we are now providing security for poppy farmers, in other words for the heroin trade, and if you have time read a couple of articles that put that new policy in the bigger picture of the failed and now desperate policy our president is following in Afghanistan to try to save what's left of his reputation.

And you can also read more about Bradley Manning, who languishes, forgotten, in the brig at the US Marine base in Quantico, Virginia, without any of the high profile help and worldwide support Julian Assange gets.

And then there's former US Army Ranger Rory Fanning's article where he talks about how the tribal chiefs dictate what farmers can grow, and how the Taliban provides loans to farmers to buy poppy seed and so naturally expect them to grow poppy.

God save us. From this mess. This filthy, disgusting mess, created by George W Bush and Dick Cheney, yes, but perpetuated and made worse by a Democrat elected in a landslide with a mandate for change and given a 60 vote majority in the Senate and a huge majority in the House, who just spent the past two years pandering to the sleazy bankers who robbed us blind in broad daylight and the health insurance giants and multinational corporations who are gutting our economy and sending our jobs overseas, and pandering to, we find out now, the greedy Wall Street bastards who have their greedy little eyes on our Social Security trust fund and want that in their pockets, too. Yes, a Democrat, who stacked his deficit reduction commission with people who want to privatize social security, which commission just came out with its report, which, naturally, puts Social Security right in the cross hairs.

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