Monday, December 6, 2010

Kramer Junction, CA., Sunday morning

Listening to Amy from the 3rd, a debate about WikiLeaks, having done my yoga and enjoyed a pleasing breakfast of quinoa over hemp seed granola, organic bananas, rice milk with a cup of pleasing organic coffee. I’m so very pleased, with my self and my surroundings, my comfortable little home on wheels, a beautiful morning in the Mojave Desert. This is what I have these days, these brief interludes.Just a leisurely 112 miles to my destination, and I can do it when I please -- tomorrow morning, even, but I will likely go down tonight, when the weigh station in Cajon Pass is more likely to be closed. This is California, after all.

Up here KPFK, (FM 90.7) the Los Angeles Pacifica station, comes and goes. As you near here on US 395 you get the signal when you are coming over a peak or a hill but not in the valleys.

Labor Review with Henry Walton is on. He has Andy Griggs on talking about the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire, where 146 people died, mostly women, many underage, because management had locked the doors to keep people from leaving early.

The fire is going to be commemorated, Griggs says, not just because of the tragedy, but it made people aware  of what was going on in Capitalism. It showed it's true face. Profit above everything, not just above quality of life for working people but above even human lives.

That period -- the fire was March 25, 1911 -- marked the beginning of the high point of socialism in the US. There were socialist elected officials, mayors. Eugene Debs made a very strong  run for president as a Socialist. Oh sure, big  business was deathly afraid of socialism, but to the workers it was just another choice they had. I'll be getting more into that history, which has been successfully erased from the history books, and our collective memory.

Next program will be Middle East In Focus with Don Bustany. He does a pretty good job of exposing the hypocrisy of our government's and congress' unconditional support for the brutal ethnic cleansing going on in Palestine. Why is it that a little radio station staffed by volunteers and a few paid staff can put out more useful and interesting and needed information than all of the corporate media combined?

There are five of these Pacifica stations. Los Angeles, Berkeley, Houston, Washington and New York.  I'm a member of all of them -- that's just $25 a year for each one. Just go to to find them, or I'll put the link below for the page with the five stations and also the affiliates, local community stations that air some of their shows.

You can hear all the Pacifica stations and many of your local affiliates over the internet now, and download podcasts to listen to at your convenience, such as when you're driving through  the night.

As for the WikiLeaks, this debate, WikiLeaks is now on 507 mirror sites at last count. Looks like there's some support out there... could be a revolution.

But I do not know why people are afraid of knowing. Maybe if they knew....

All of you all who think the government should decide what you know and don't know, this same government gives trillions to the rich while our wages remain stagnant... no wait, wages are headed down. The pitiful new job creation is all in part time jobs, as David Stockton, Reagan's Budget Director, said over the weekend. Unemployment seems fixed now at close to ten percent and corporate profits and compensation are soaring and this government you trust so much can't even sit down and say, Hey, you all getting rich because you use the infrastructure and benefit in countless other ways from doing business here, you need to contribute, too, by way of paying your fair share of taxes. Go WikiLeaks. Expose these cynical, hypocritical state department bastards who are overseas trying to line the rest of the world up for serfdom, too.

Let me add a couple of passages from an editorial on the web site of the Party For Socialism And Liberation. For the entire piece go here - it's at the top of the right hand column:

"The Wikileaks project as a whole has raised the question of what the public deserves to know, and whether decision-makers have the right to talk behind the backs of the people. For the U.S. ruling class, this is an inalienable and self-evident right. Their rule is based on a system where a tiny few rule over the vast majority. On an international scale, they are intent on preserving the position of the United States as the unchallenged superpower against all potential competitors. Both tasks—preserving their rule internally and projecting it externally—require that the U.S. government be in full control of its own image and reputation."

"A revolutionary change in the United States would require opening up many more vaults, and exposing many more imperial secrets. But we applaud those in Wikileaks who have gotten this process started early.
Hands off Julian Assange and free Bradley Manning! Tear down the walls of secrecy!"

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