Saturday, December 4, 2010

Winnemucca 4:03 a.m.

Listening to my podcasts...did FAIR, one I’d already listened to in their archives I guess, but now Uprising, Democracy Now -- will our hero Julian Assange outwit the meanies and bring us more candy coated popcorn.... 

I have been reading things all over the internet about the latest WiliLeaks, and many people are delighted. People with particular interests, like Lebanon, are delighted -- this new information fills in gaps and confirms projections and affirms suspicions, but when I put these leaks in the context of the overall struggle I see that one, these are not going to raise much working class consciousness, which is a much more critical issue than who among the ruling elite is in power at the moment or which center of Capitalism has the upper hand. And two, despite all the tit titting by the conservative press and conservatives about the harm this does to Capitalism it does no harm. Hillary Clinton, possibly, but Warren Buffet, Bill Gates, no. And you could catch one of these people red handed committing murder, like George Bush was caught and Barak Obama is almost daily, and it would not phase them or alter  their course of action, which is to protect American Empire, Capitalism, and the people who put them in office and then congratulate themselves on their flawless performance and on being a part of world history.

It was a nice drive down US 95 from the vicinity of Boise....Well first, I loaded this morning in Baker City; lumber, going to CA. Then found the local co-op, where a friendly volunteer, a beaming older woman who was delighted to hear that a truck driver from near and far away had sought out their little co-op, helped me find the coffee while we chatted about coffee and the co-op. "It's very well stocked," I said. She almost blushed. "I hear the one in Boise is.." she paused to search for the word to describe it, "huge," and then she was standing by when I checked out, where a new volunteer peopling the cash register began by asking me for my number. "My what?" My benefactor, my protector, my Julian Assange, intervened, "Oh just pass him on through. He goes to co-ops all over the  country!" So I think I was supposed to have been a member to shop there.

 But I made it out of Baker City with my illegal co-op purchase and made it about 100 miles before last night’s not having slept overtook me. I had wanted to drive some of US 95 before it became dark out because I’d not been on that stretch of it before, but after 100 miles was I done with so stopped at some small town truck stop and slept five or six hours and woke late in the evening and wanted to wait until daylight but decided I needed to set out -- really nothing there to be done so thought I’d drive until tired, and set out.

The road immediately climbs into some rough rock hills, way on up and onto a high dry shaggy plateau, open range..and becomes immediately desolate. At 40 miles I came to a little town that was already all asleep and from there drove several half hour stretches without passing anyone. This leisure, this peace, made it worth not seeing where I was. I drive so much of the time surrounded by cars and trucks, being followed, being passed, having to pass and having to pay attention and be annoyed by annoying assholes, and the peace of driving is why I drive.

My earliest driving was of this type, when I was 17 and 18 years old I was driving alone at night. I’d be unable to sleep and lay in bed until all was quiet then sneak out of the house and back my car out of the driveway with the lights out and make my way via back roads to the expressway...and just drive. It was peaceful out there then...there is as much paved roadway now as then, but then, there was a third or even a quarter of the traffic there is now...and not only have we mushroomed --  driven-vehicle wise -- but have become an around the clock society, too. 

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