Monday, January 17, 2011

Revolution In Our Time

Revolution Tunisian style continues to unfold. After the US/European/Israel backed dictator Ben-Ami fled the country on Friday, jockeying for position commenced among members of his regime and the political and economic establishment, and continues. Members of Ben-Ami's security forces have been trying to create mayhem by roaming the streets randomly shooting and beating civilians and looting, in order to divide the people by creating the desire for security. But the people are aware of this and remain united. They have organized themselves into self defense committees and are patrolling the streets to safeguard the citizens. It is being reported that alongside the Tunisian security forces trying to create mayhem, Israeli and Libyan secret services are in the country taking part in the destabilization efforts. This is not a new role for Israel's Mossad.

Regimes throughout the Middle East are no doubt worried that the revolution will continue to spread, as it already has to neighboring Algeria.

Meanwhile, people the world over are seeing what can happen when a people stand together against oppression, corruption, and a tiny elite that pillages a country by expropriating the wealth created by the labor of the people. Many an imagination, from Egypt to China to India to The USA has been ignited. That which our rulers fear most has occurred. Everywhere, people who had given up hope that things would ever change for the better, realize that change can come. Even here in America, where hopes were raised and then dashed by a man who time after time has sat down with the heads of corporations and insurance and health care giants and asked them what he could do to please them, hope has been reborn. Hope, we learn once again, will never, can never, die.

To be continued.

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