Tuesday, February 8, 2011

                             photo credit Center for Constitutional Rights (http://ccrjustice.org/)

Chickenhawks To Remain On The Roost

More information about the pending criminal case against George W Bush for torture that caused him to cancel a trip to Switzerland is published here in Uruknet.

"When Bush canceled his trip to avoid prosecution, the human rights groups who prepared the complaints made it public and announced that the Bush Torture Indictment would be waiting wherever he travels next."

The story also points out that current President Barak Obama is in violation of the law for failing to investigate charges of torture against Bush and members of his administration.

Obama, who made it clear in his memoir that he is obsessed with not appearing to be an "angry black man," in showing no interest in investigating crimes committed by the Bush administration, continues to place himself and his perceptions of how people see him ahead of the rights of the victims of Bush administration torture, ahead of the constitution, ahead of his duties as chief executive, ahead of his country, and ahead of democracy, which depends for its surival on adherence to the rule of law and accountability when the law is broken.

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