Friday, February 4, 2011


Egyptians have withstood the counterattack and are out in greater numbers than ever;  the likely US planned counterattack proceeds.

President Obama is reduced to endlessly repeating the same mantra -- no violence, move forward. No mention of any resignations.

The protesters are sure not to accept it, but the US is maneuvering to put in power Egyptian President Hosni Mobarek's recently appointed vice president, Umar Sulayman, Egypt's former intelligence chief and the man in charge of the torture that has gone on for years in Egyptian jails, as outlined by Andy Worthington here. Torture that has always been conveniently ignored by US administration after administration, up to and including that of Barak Obama, as long as Mobarek continued his complicity with the colonial, Zionist project, and the murder and ethnic cleansing of Palestinians, next door in Israel. And since Egypt under Mubarak has been the number one so-called "black site" where the CIA takes its prisoners to have confessions tortured out of them, Sulayman also has directed that shameful torturer-for-hire program that is paid for by our tax money directly.

There are many people, in the Middle East, around the world, and in the US, who are very excited and encouraged by what is going on in Egypt and elsewhere in the Middle East, in places like Jordan and Yemen, and is still going on in Tunisia.

It will almost certainly have consequences for the Middle East, for Zionism, and the world.

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