Sunday, February 6, 2011

A Flickering Of Justice

George W Bush just canceled a trip to Switzerland because he was afraid he might get arrested there for the torture he ordered committed. As Reuters reports, the world just got a little smaller for George W Bush. The number of places on this earth he can travel about in freely is getting smaller.

Likewise the Israeli officials who unleashed the savage attack on the people of Gaza two years ago have had to cancel trips. They do not go to certain countries. Former Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni had to cancel a trip to England. There are places Henry Kissinger and Dick Cheney can't go to for the same reasons.

Lawyers and judges in a growing number of countries have gotten arrest warrants issued for these butchers and war criminals, sometimes using the principle of universal jurisdiction, whereby their countries law recognizes the right to prosecute heinous crimes no matter where they were committed, sometimes because their laws require the enforcement of international law and UN conventions.

It's the occasional thing like that. Or an Evo Morales being on the world stage. The perseverance of Fidel and the Cuban people and their struggle to find a better way to live life in the face of the never ending assault by the Capitalist empire to the north.

Yes, we're still in the late stages of Capitalism, which has spread across the world like a dark spirit, shriveling everything in its path. The environment. Wages. Benefits. Health. Lives. Hope. A tiny elite continue to gather unto themselves a larger and larger share of the wealth of the world. So called white people still get up in the morning thinking they are better than anybody else, and, because they still hold onto most of the levers of power, continue to make sure they maintain their privileges and advantages, most of which they don't even know they have because of their ignorance and unwillingness to listen.

Unemployment remains high, meaning that Capital has even more power. More arrogance. Their criminality and immorality become even more brazen. People are still losing their homes, their hopes that their children would have a better future, accepting whatever jobs under whatever conditions they are forced to accept.

But once in while you get a glimpse of what it would be like. What it could be like.

Maybe it's I can go more places than George W Bush can. Maybe it's that Arabs feel proud to be Arabs right now. Arabs, once you look into it, have a history and a culture that almost puts the West to shame, but they have fallen on hard times under Western colonialism, which is responsible for the despotic rulers they suffer under, and their poverty, and the theft of their natural resources. In the United States and Europe they suffer viscous attacks and are under constant suspicion because they are Arabs. But because of the courage and conviction shown by their brothers and sisters in Tunisia, Egypt, Jordan, Yemen and Algeria, Arabs are proud to be Arabs, and when things like that come about, it is possible to believe, sometimes, what Martin Luther King said. The arc of history is long, but it bends toward justice.

A note: The link I put in the last paragraph is to an editorial in the Arab American News, a little gem of a newspaper with an online edition that serves the large Arab American and Muslim communities in and around Dearborn, Michigan. Discovering it was one of those pleasant little surprises. I've heard the editor interviewed on the radio -- in fact, that's how I found the paper -- and he is a wise man and seems like a good man and his paper is feisty and interesting and concerned with justice.

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