Thursday, March 3, 2011

 Obama, Friend Of The People In High Places

President Barak Obama, in allowing Mexican trucks to operate in the US, has given the US Chamber of Commerce a big, slobbering wet kiss and has accomplished what not even George W Bush could.

The rabidly anti union Chamber, which is the biggest union of them all, and the American Trucking Association (ATA), the union of trucking company owners, were quick to issue statements praising the news that Obama and Mexican President Felipe Calderon had reached agreement on how to facilitate the unleashing of low paid Mexican truckers on the US market, where wages paid to US truck drivers, already on the decline, will surely plummet now.

They are happy because this will mean even more of the fruits of our labor will go into their already bulging pockets.

Mexican truckers make a fraction of what an American trucker makes, or did make before wages began to decline in the US under Obama. This knowledge has lit up the dollar signs in the eyes of US Capitalists, eager to unleash thousands of Mexican truckers across the US, putting low paid Mexican labor in direct competition with American labor. This will reduce truck driver wages directly, and the resulting layoffs will increase the pool of unemployed US labor, depressing wages even more.

Inflation adjusted wages of the overall American workforce have been flat since the late 1970s, and as of last year are now declining in absolute terms, meaning there was an actual dollar amount decline in the average wage last year, which means wages are now dropping faster than the rate of inflation. I recently wrote about this trend, and the resulting decline in the living standard of American workers, which is shown quite clearly by IRS and Federal Reserve figures.

This opens up another front in the assault on the American working class, that was opened up officially be Ronald Reagan when he betrayed the Air Traffic Controllers Association, which had supported him as a candidate, and broke that union.

While public sector union members struggle to save their unions in Wisconsin, Ohio and New Jersey, Obama continues to undermine the US working class in various ways -- from refusing any attempt at Keynesian economic stimulation, even slashing programs that support the working class in his new budget while caving to Republicans time after time on everything from letting the rich get a free ride while our taxes support the infrastructure they get rich on, to now, letting truck drivers from Mexico, where the cost of living is much lower, haul freight in the US.

Obama made it clear in his autobiography that he will do almost anything to avoid being seen as an angry black man. His actions demonstrate that he takes that sentiment to the extreme, going out of his way to gain favor with the Capitalist establishment.  It's as if somewhere in his tortured mind there is a Big House, and some day, if he keeps smiling and trying to please his Capitalist masters, he will get there.


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