Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Hypocrite In Chief
Here Comes The Election Year Populism

President Obama took a look at the poll numbers this morning and then launched his 2012 re-election campaign with a budget speech he hopes will cause us to forget that he spent the last two years selling out the American working class.

Obama is well aware that he has alienated huge blocks of the working class, i.e., those of us who work for a living, by breaking campaign promises, and acceding to what Wall Street and Republicans want, time after time. He was aware of it in November, too, by the way, when Republicans made huge gains in congressional elections largely because huge numbers of the working class voters he turned out in 2008 stayed home because of the way he has betrayed them. But in November, it wasn't his behind on the line, or his reputation at stake, and there was no populist rhetoric from the Hypocrite In Chief.

Liberal radio talk show hosts, who have been deserting Obama one by one over the past dismal year as he broke one promise after another and sold out to the Republicans time after time after time, were giddy today after Obama gave his populist-sounding speech, thinking that we finally have the president back on our side.

What poor fools they are

What a hypocrite, Obama is.

Four months after colluding with Republicans to extend the gigantic, budget busting "Bush era" tax cuts for the rich that, again, thanks to concessions Obama and other elected Democrats have made to Republicans, are now being paid for by us, Obama said this morning that he's going to veto the tax cuts when they come up for renewal in 2012 -- after the election, by the way. Now he claims he's going to save Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, and is all for the American working class, i.e., those of us who work for a living.

Now, when he needs our votes, he's on our side. Meanwhile,  Jim Messina, who spent the past two years as the White House man in charge of preventing any dissent from Progressive groups and is now his campaign manager, is visiting rich donors, as I wrote about the other day, and, we can be sure, assuring them that just like in the 2008 campaign, what you are hearing from Obama now are mere words. The minute the last vote is counted, you can count on the president to return to his conservative, suck up to the rich, Republican ass kissing ways.

What a hypocrite.

Obama's speech this morning was also conveniently timed to counter adverse publicity from the just-now emerging details of his latest cave-in to Republicans, when he agreed this past weekend to huge budget cuts -- $38 billion -- as part of a temporary government funding bill that averted a government shut down. As reported by The Party For Socialism And Liberation:

While the details of last week’s budget deal are sketchy, it is already clear that a number of vital programs will face severe cuts. WIC, a nutrition program for poor women will be cut by $504 million; Community Health Centers will be cut by $600 million; Dislocated Worker Assistance will be cut by $125 million; infectious disease prevention programs will be cut by $277 million; Substance Abuse and Mental Health assistance will be cut by $45 million. Funding for the Environmental Protection Agency was cut by 16 percent or $1.6 billion. Revealing the priority of imperialist war and repression, spending for “defense” will increase by $5 billion.

And you can count on other Democrats running for election, who have spent the past two years doing nothing to defend the interests of the working class, but who are looking at the same poll numbers, to also come out sounding like populists pretty soon. And they, too, will sound that way until the last vote is counted.


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