Sunday, April 17, 2011

Immigrant Bashing Fails
Except in Arizona and Georgia

The Georgia legislature has become the first state to pass a Copycat 1070 bill, one fashioned after Arizona's draconian anti Latino SB 1070, which, among other things, requires law enforcement to establish the status of anyone they "suspect" of being here illegally (read: racial profiling), which itself has been partly stuck down in the courts with the remainder yet to be implemented, according to a post at Leftists in the US South, first published in Colorlines.

The bill has already gone down in many states, as highlighted in black above, for two reasons, according to Colorlines. One is that coalitions of civil rights group came together to oppose it, and the other is that many states legislatures had their time occupied with budget battles. Some legislatures have already gone out of session without passing the bill. Many business owners also oppose the bills because of the burdens placed on them by requirements that they aid in enforcing the laws.

In Arizona, HB2281, a bill that has made it into law but gets little national attention, virtually outlaws Hispanic Studies programs by imposing harsh financial penalties on public schools that teach Latino history, Hispanic history Chicano studies, and anything that the schools might do to teach people about their history, identity, and culture that doesn't fall under the White supremacist narrative of US history. The law, which is also being challenged in the courts, does nothing to prevent the studying of history of other ethnic groups.


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