Saturday, May 28, 2011

Another Week In Palestine

A number of Palestinian evacuate Ramadan al-Daghma who was wounded by Israeli force during a peaceful demonstration in the southern Gaza Strip town of Khan Yunis, 20 May 2011

 The Palestinian Center For Human Rights issues weekly reports on Israeli human rights abuses in the occupied territories, i.e., the West Bank and Gaza, which is the portion of Palestine that Israel hasn't already stolen and ethnically cleansed of native Palestinians to make part of the Zionist state of Israel, that is, less than 20 percent of historic Palestine. Although this tiny portion of the original Palestine is where everyone wants Palestine to form their independent state, Israel has taken the most fertile land and almost all the water resources in the region and poisoned much of what is left as part of its ongoing effort to ethnically cleanse even what remains of Palestine, while at the same time -- in order that the theft of land and ethnic cleansing can continue unabated -- intentionally delaying the so-called peace process for the past 45 years and blaming the delays on the Palestinians, with the complicity of the US government and the US media.

You won't learn from the US media, for example, that there were 38 "incursions" by the Israeli military into Palestinian towns last week. These are where the Israeli army, whenever it feels like it, rolls into a town in full force and disrupts life, often in the middle of the night, often breaking down doors, searching entire houses, leaving the contents of drawers and cupboard on the floors. Palestinians have no recourse to this. And they are the ones who are called terrorists. This goes on week after week, year after year.

Reading through these reports give a small sense of the hell Palestinians have been living under since 1948 when the US and its European allies unleashed Zionism on the Palestinian people. The Zionist project, which was always to obliterate the Palestinians, to erase them, continues, and any effort at resistance the Palestinians have made has been labeled as terrorism. If you want to know what terrorism really is, read just one of these reports. Under "Publications" in the bar at the top of the page you will find the weekly, and annual, reports.

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