Sunday, May 15, 2011

While Rome Burns:

 Update: Since I wrote the post below we are informed that there is a meltdown in not just one but three reactors -- the fuel rods in three of them have at least partially and possibly completely melted down. As I say below, we have been and will be lied to about this disaster. And where are those who, based on the lies we were told immediately after the tsunami, were spouting off about how little danger, after all, nuclear radiation posed. More bad news is yet to come, guaranteed.

A Nuclear Slumpdown

At least one of the nuclear reactors has already melted down at Fukishima Dai-ichi nuclear complex in Japan damaged by the earthquake and tsunami. The situation  is much more serious than we have been led to believe, and is deteriorating. The release of nuclear radiation has been massive and continues.

We have been lied to, and will continue to be lied to -- about the damage, about the release of nuclear radiation, and about the dangers the radiation poses to the health of all living things on planet Earth.

Stephen Lendeman sums it all up very well in two recent articles and points out how the news media is participating in the deception

The AP, for example, in a May 12 article, avoids using the term "meltdown" and won't even use the term "melt" when referring to highly radioactive fuel rods that have been exposed to the air and are still melting. The molten fuel has already melted through the nuclear containment vessel, contaminating the water below that has pooled there from attempts to cool the reactor, and the water is leaking into the environment on a large scale, some of it having been intentionally pumped into the oceans to make room for more water. But in the AP's words: "Other fuel has slumped to the bottom of the pressure vessel and is thought to be covered in water."

Slumped? When have you heard anyone use the word "slump" in that way? Never. Do ice cubes slump when exposed to heat? Are the polar ice caps slumping? Do you enjoy a warm roll with slumped butter on it?

The nuclear radiation leaking in Japan is not only a disaster for the people of Japan, it is being dispersed worldwide via air currents and ocean currents. Those receiving high, concentrated doses of nuclear radiation, like the Japanese people, will of course be first to begin to contract the various kinds of cancers it causes, but those cancers won't begin to show up in health statistics until years later. For the rest of us, who will receive smaller, less frequent doses of nuclear radiation, it will take longer for the cancers to begin eating our bodies from the inside, and even longer for it to show up in statistics. People who study such things are only now beginning to understand the effects of the Chernobyl nuclear disaster, and of the Three Mile Island disaster in the US, both of which happened decades ago

Those who hope to make millions -- more millions -- off of deadly, cancer causing, tumor causing, nuclear radiation, and their paid government whores, want everything kept secret that might impinge upon their profits. They want this situation out of the headlines, and want to get more nuclear reactors built and producing cancer causing radiation long before the statistical data becomes to come in.

The argument used by the authorities, and their willing accomplices in the media, when trying to minimize something like this is that they don't want to create a public panic. It almost sounds plausible. A stampede of people suddenly rushing down main street might kill more than the nuclear radiation is going to kill. But when was the last time you saw people do anything remotely resembling that? It's never happened in my lifetime. It only happens in the movies. Quite the opposite has happened. It's hard to get people, especially the American public, off their complacent, fearful asses and out of their easy chairs.

Using the same logic, fire trucks wouldn't have sirens, and during World War II, when London was being bombed every night, the civil defense alarms would have remained silent.

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