Tuesday, June 28, 2011

As Los Alamos Burns

As I was coming down to Albuquerque today, through Cuba and San Ysidro, through the Jacarillo Apache and the Zia Reservations, through mostly trackless desert, I saw the plumes of smoke rising from the wildfires just across the Jemez Mountain range, where the so called Los Conchas fire has caused the complete evacuation of Los Alamos, NM, where Los Alamos National Laboratories is, causing concern far beyond New Mexico. Located between Santa Fe and Taos, Los Alamos is where American nuclear bombs are made and designed, and where a lot of other nuclear radiation research takes place. There are numerous problems there, with reactors, with above ground and underground nuclear waste storage, and with contaminated groundwater, as has been documented by the Los Alamos Study Group and the Concerned Citizens For Nuclear Safety, whose web site was hacked just as the fire was beginning and remains inoperative but who maintain a Facebook page that is working.

Lab and state government officials are assuring us via the media that we are completely safe, which, of course, means that we are completely not safe, statistically speaking, that is, comparing the truth that ultimately came out with what we were told about every other nuclear radiation leak in history. There may not be a leak at Los Alamos, but when there is a leak, they always lie about it, and that's a fact.

There is trouble at two nuclear radiation plants in Nebraska, where the Missouri River has completely flooded one plant just outside Omaha, the region's biggest metropolitan area, where a "low level emergency," whatever that means, was declared.

A UPI headline today states flatly, "Nebraska Nuclear Plant Safe." Whoever wrote that headline, of course, has no idea whether or not the plant is safe. The article itself says there's no "immediate danger." At least not until after dinner. Reporters, for the most part, have to rely on the propaganda put out by the nuclear radiation industry and its paid and bribed band of cheerleaders, the federal Nuclear Regulatory Commission.

There is no way to contain nuclear radiation except temporarily. Even if they do find some way to safely bury it, we will go away, and some future civilization, if nuclear radiation hasn't already wiped out life on earth, will stumble upon it, or an earthquake will uncover it, and it will still have the capacity to cause cancer, tumors, birth defects, and all kinds of other illness. Safe? My ass.

Infant deaths since the Fukishima, Japan nuclear radiation disaster, which are one of the first indicators of nuclear radiation in the environment, are on the rise on the US west coast, which is where the winds are blowing the radiation still spewing out of Fukishima, which is still not under control and won't be for a long time.

They have lied about Fukishima. They lied about Chernobyl. They lied about Three Mile Island. They have been caught lying about hundreds of other, lower level nuclear radiation leaks.

What are the chances they are lying about Los Alamos?


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