Saturday, July 9, 2011

Dear Congressman Heinrich,

I see that you are a co-sponsor of HR 268, which is designed to channel the Palestinians away from seeking statehood and back into endless negotiations.

That is, I see that you support Israel's strategy of endless negotiations, which have gone on for 40 years now, while Israel gobbles up more Palestinian land through illegal settlements and by other means.

That is, endless negotiations for the sole purpose of realizing the Zionist Dream of a Greater Israel, which you should know about and I think do know about.

I notice also that Mr Udall co-sponsored the Senate version of the resolution and that Mr Bingaman did not. Wonder why?

Well, you have pleased AIPAC, and so you have a chance at that Senate seat, and that's what's important.

If a few more Palestinians are thrown off their land, a few more die in Israeli prisons, a few more are tortured, a few more Palestinian children are roasted by Israel rocket fire, if every Palestinian continues living in hopelessness, and if Palestinian parents know that they can't provide a future for their children like you can provide for yours, so what? Martin's career is what's important here.

You started out you career up there with some backbone on this issue. Started out. I guess you learned how the game is played in Washington, eh?

If by some chance you got yourself elected to a public office where you are responsible for decision making on this issue, and you do not know this issue, I suggest you read a new book by Richard Forer, of Albuquerque, called "Breakthrough: Transforming Fear Into Compassion - A New Perspective on the Israel-Palestine conflict."

Richard is a former AIPAC member and Zionist who found out about the sordid history of the formation of Israel, the terror, the rapes, the massacres, and how that kind of treatment of Palestinians, by Israel, continues up to the present. The whole history, which quotations from Israeli officials stating exactly what their plans were all along the way, is there in his little book. I recommend you read it.

I understand the realities of politics in America. I understand that you want to do so much good, but in order to do so you can't, sometimes, not on this issue. But I want you also to think about another Albuquerque resident who was in public life. Someone who did the right thing and paid the price for it. I think you know him. Jim Baca. 

He did not get re-elected when he was mayor of Albuquerque, and he did not finish his term as head of the Bureau of Land Management, because he stood up for what is right. I don't know him personally, but judging by what he talks about on his web log, he seems to be doing alright. He has grandchildren coming around, he travels with his lovely, intelligent wife, he pursues his photography and his writing, and I'll bet he can look in the mirror. I think he sleeps well at night. I know he is one person who has my respect.

Thank you.


Frank Conway

Notes: Today I sent this email to the congressman via his web site upon seeing he had co-sponsored the resolution, which is one of a number of acts the US government has taken to appease Israel at the expense of the Palestinian people, who were the original inhabitants of the land Israel now occupies. The text and history of the resolution referred to are here. Media accounts put it in the context of present conditions.

AIPAC, the American Israeli Public Affairs Committee, is the largest and most powerful of several Zionist political action committees, (or PACs, legal channels for amassing huge campaign donations) which support Israel in all cases, and have acquired so much influence they can destroy a political career, and have done so repeatedly.

I refer to Mr Udall and Mr Bingaman, our current Democratic senators. Until now they have not supported all of the resolutions of this kind, which come up every time Israel is in trouble. Bingaman has already announced his retirement, and in that regard has nothing to gain or lose by supporting unsavory pieces of legislation like this one. Martin Heinrich is running for Bingaman's senate seat.

Jim Baca's web log contains daily doses of his wisdom on New Mexican and national political and social issues and stories from his life, and includes some examples of his very interesting photography.

Articles about how Jim Baca has stood up at the state and federal levels to large scale ranching and to the mining and oil and gas industries, who still seek to destroy western landscapes for personal gain, or how as mayor he stood up against a corrupt and out of control Albuquerque police department, and other examples of how he has stood on principal, and paid for it, are all over the internet and can be found by Googling his name along with BLM or with one of the interest groups involved.

He does play golf, which is kind of bourgeoisie, but I think we can excuse that.


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