Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Material conditions, and relations of production being what they are in the current epoch, there are times I'd like to just buy a season's pass to McDonald's and be done with it.

But most of the time I am thinking that there is hope for a more just, more equitable, more socialist if not anarcho-syndicalist future, that is, when I am feeling normal, that is, irrational, I pretty much eat a good diet -- organic, vegan, natural, all natural, au natural, low in fat, high in nutrition, not afflicted with either wicked spells or evil curses and sufficient in vitamins of all different kinds.

It is in this vein I'd like to mention the Mexican soda pop Jarritos, which is to be found in most supermarkets now, in the Mexican food section, and which is sweetened with sugar.

High fructose corn syrup, which sweetens any other soda pop I know of, and most other things that used to contain sugar, is thought to be associated with all kinds of modern ailments like obesity and kidney disease. I saw a major brand of soda pop not long ago in a special display in the supermarket that advertised the fact that, for a limited time, it was available sweetened with sugar.

Jarritos is always sweetened with sugar, and also, most varieties are flavored with natural fruit flavoring.

It comes in several flavors American soda pop does not. Tamarind, for instance, my favorite, I think, which has an unusual, interesting flavor that I'd say is slightly pungent, in the ways that some wines or fermented foods are. There's a lime flavor. Not lemon lime, just lime. And watermelon.

I also like it that it comes in glass bottles. There is widespread belief among people concerned with healthy diets that plastic containers leach chemicals into the products they contain that, among other things, interfere with reproduction in adults and cause neurological problems in fetuses.

Jarritos, Spanish for little jars, has been manufactured since 1950. You'll need a bottle opener to open your bottle of Jarritos. I even like that. It's the only use I've had in years for that bottle and can opener that has been sitting patiently in my silverware drawer, turning brown with rust. Ole.


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