Sunday, July 3, 2011

Palestine Needs Our Help.

Organizers of the Freedom Flotilla trying to break the siege of Gaza ask that you contact people in the US and Greek governments, which, bowing to pressure from Israel, are holding up the flotilla in a Greek port. Some of the boats are being held up by legal hurdles put in place by Israel, and some of the boats have been damaged by Israeli agents whom the Greeks, apparently, did not detect.

The reason Israel is going all out to prevent this Freedom Flotilla from reaching Gaza is that past versions of it have been successful in bringing the world's attention to the struggle for Palestinian rights. Activists sail into Palestinian waters, specifically Gaza, with aid for the more than one million Gazans being held in an open air prison by the Zionist state.

Except for a single crossing into Egypt, which has recently been opened, sporadically, by the interum Egyptian government under pressure from the Egyptian people and in the face of pressure from the US and Israel, all the borders of Gaza are controlled by Israel, which also controls what goes into Gaza. Basic necessities are not allowed in. Israel is punishing Gaza for voting for members of the Hamas movement in a 2006 election sponsored and observed by the United States. Not liking the results of the election, the US and Israel since then have collaborated in the siege of Gaza.

Israel doesn't like the Freedom Flotilla movement because it has brought much of this to light, especially in parts of the world where the mainstream media is more forthcoming that the US media about the situation in Palestine. That situation being that Israel was formed in 1948 by the expulsion, by force, of hundreds of thousands of Palestinians from their villages, farms and cities by Zionist militias and gangs. That situation being that since 1948 Israel has continued its pursuit of the Zionist dream of removing all the Palestinians from Palestine and creating a Jews-only country there. That goal being accomplished through Israeli settlements on Palestinian land, Palestinian house demolitions, assassinations of Palestinians by Israeli agents, and in general by trying to make life as miserable as possible for the remaining Palestinians in hope they will just leave.

Freedom Flotilla volunteers are from all over the world. Many are Americans. Many are Jews, a growing number of whom are disgusted at what Israel has been doing all these years in their name. 

The captain of one of the the Freedom Flotilla boats has been arrested and is in the custody of the Greek government. We are being asked to contact people in the US and Greek governments  and demand that they release the captain and allow the Freedom Flotilla to sail.

  • Sect. of State Hillary Clinton: 202-647-5291
  • Kim Richter, Consular Affairs, Overseas American Citizens Services, U.S. State Dept: 202-647-8308
  • Greek Desk, U.S. State Dept: 202-647-611
  • U.S. Embassy in Athens: 011-30-210-721-2951, fax 011-30-210-645-6282, website:


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