Monday, July 4, 2011

Richard Forer Interviewed On Community Television

Albuquerque's Richard Forer, former AIPAC member, now Palestinian rights activist, is interviewed by the al Nakba Project about his book Breakthrough: Transforming Fear Into Compassion - A New Perspective on the Israel-Palestine Conflict.

Forer's book, which I reviewed in January, describes his transformation from a non critical supporter of Zionism to that tall guy who, in between trips to Palestine and Washington to attend protests and give talks, stands with those other protesters along Central Avenue in Nob Hill every weekend holding up a sign protesting US military aid to Israel.

In his book, which I highly recommend, he describes the personal transformation he went through when a he began reading a series of books recommended to him by a Jewish friend, books like Beyond Chutzpa by Norman Finklestein, that blow the lid off the mythology that has been built up around Israel and its formation, and refute the excuses Israel and its supporters put forth for its behavior until today.

Forer also gives a concise, yet thorough history of Zionism, from before Israel's formation up through the bloody al Nakba, that is, the formation of Israel, in which hundreds of thousands of Palestinians were driven from their homes, or if not were massacred, and on up to the present. I've not read a more thorough account of all of it all in one place. As I said in the review, it's the best case against Zionism I've ever read.

But it is also a guidebook, hopefully, for other Jews like himself , or like he was, who see all Arabs as the mortal enemy of Israel and think Israel is justified in the way it still treats the Palestinians -- those who survived the Nakba and whose lands Israel still occupies -- to see their way clear of the hatred, the fear, the delusions, the denial, the inhumanity, that grip the soul of the Zionist state of Israel and have come to threaten its existence as a home and a refuge for the Jewish people. 

Forer's book is available through his web site or at, and is now also available either place for download as an e-book.

The al Nakba Project, which produced the interview, is "a small Domestic Nonprofit corporation registered in Oregon" that exists for the purpose of education, activism, mobilization and "support for non violent efforts to bring freedom, justice and equality to the holy land."


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