Sunday, July 31, 2011

Sad Story - Democrats

"We don't have a representative government anymore."

  As President Obama and the Democrats once again go through the motions of democracy in the process of giving their paymasters what they want, and giving the radical right wing of the Republican Party more than it could have hoped for, long-time Democratic pollster Stanley Greenberg lets us know what voters have been telling him about Democrats. Democrats, the people tell him, turn their stomachs.

From the beginning of his administration until now, Barak Obama has consistently sold out the working people of the US, from his multi billion dollar gift to the insurance industry, the Obamacare health care program in which he would not allow anything the working class wanted to be on the agenda, to the continuation of the Bush tax giveaways to the filthy rich, to packing his so-called debt reduction commission with huckster Republicans like former Wyoming senator and Co-chair Alan Simpson and a full jail cell's worth of these so-called blue dog Democrats, all of whom were on record as favoring the privatization of Social Security, he has been consistent in selling out the working class and favoring the rich, and Democrats in congress have been consistent in their weak-kneed appeasing of Republicans, even when Democrats were in the majority.

Greenberg, in an article in the New York Times, says, voters aren't stupid. They see all this happening before their eyes. They see that government serves only the rich. They say we might as well let the tea baggers dismantle government. People think government is broken and corrupt, and they associate government with Democrats.

Incidentally, I've heard nothing out of my legislative delegation during this spectacle over raising the debt limit. As I have pointed out repeatedly, in all things like this, New Mexico Democrats hide in their offices until it's all over and then send out grandiose sounding emails telling us about the principled stand they took with their vote, when they finally emerged from their offices, after it was all over, that is, when it was time to vote. When everything was all over.

Greenberg, well down in his article, finally gets to what the problem is, the utter corruption of American democracy by big money.

He quotes people who participate in focus groups, where they get to say what they think.

"There's just such a control of government by the wealthy that whatever happens, it's not working for all the people; it's working for a few of the people." And, "We don't have a representative government anymore."

He offers some tepid reforms -- campaign finance reform, "transparency" -- but doesn't mention what is needed, which is taking all the money out of politics, every last penny of it. Perhaps he doesn't mention it because that would end the big Washington DC party that he, his paymasters the Democratic Party, the Republican Party, the media, Wall Street, the defense industry, the lobbyists, and the Israeli lobby, are all part of.


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