Saturday, August 27, 2011

Domestic Terrorist No. 1 -  FBI

Update: The use of entrapment against Muslims by law enforcement, outlined in the post below, is closely linked to the intentional stoking of anti-Arab sentiment and Islamaphobia by a well-funded set of right wing media figures, as outlined in this piece by Aljazeera about a detailed report by the Center For American Progress. Many of those behind this campaign, not surprisingly, are right-wing supporters of Israel. The funders list includes usual right wing suspects like billionaire Richard Mellon Scaife, better known as the main money man behind the attempts to destroy Bill Clinton. Mouthpieces include well known rabidly Zionist Islamaphobes like Daniel Pipes. Fox News' role in disseminating their hatred is recognized.

Israel, especially the Zionist Right, has long attempted to gain support by playing the race card, claiming that it is surrounded by hostile Arab nations intent on its destruction and labeling all Palestinians as Arab terrorists. Although hundreds of thousands of Palestinians were slaughtered or forcibly removed from their homeland when the Zionist state was declared in 1948, and Palestinians who did manage to hang onto their homes and farms have ever since been subject to a continual process of ethnic cleansing by Israel, under this racist view, any Palestinian who protests or tries to defend themselves, let alone fights back, is automatically labled a terrorist.

I made mention of our government's war on our own Muslim citizens a few posts ago in commenting about entrapment, that is, when the cops use deceptive tactics to get convictions on people who have not actually committed any crimes. Here is the full story of how undercover FBI agents hang out at mosques around the US and infiltrate community groups, looking for suseptible young men they can talk into agreeing to take part in terrorist plots, plots which the FBI has conceived of and plans out and which have absolutely no chance of ever happening. The young men, who are often troubled miscreants, are then arrested to great media fanfare, tried and locked up for long prison sentences. As it happens, most so-called domestic terrorist arrests are of this variety. In other words, it was just the cops setting someone up for a fall.

Next time you hear a member of the media talking breathlessly about a plot to blow up Miami or La Guardia airport, keep in mind the fact that they are reading directly from an FBI press release, and that it's more than likely that there was never any danger to anyone, except to some sad and lonely young Muslim male whose life has just been ruined.

Summary article here. Complete Mother Jones magazine investigation here.


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