Saturday, August 20, 2011

OK, so I wasn't on the road to Damascus that day

Spartanburg, SC

I'm waiting to make a delivery at one of these gleaming new non union automobile factories that now litter the South. Most of the Japanese and European car makers now have assembly plants here, whereby the working classes of Japan, Europe and the United States can all be given the shaft at one time, in one place.

Since Capitalism perfected the art of using relocation to play potential sites against each other to extract the maximum concessions -- i.e., profit -- from the site finally chosen, our slavishly complicit politicians have become their partners in this crime, ever eager to bankrupt our public coffers for the funds used to bribe their Capitalist masters with tax giveaways, tax credits, free land, and whatever else the Capitalist demands.

As soon as one of these high tech sweat shops is approved, the same politicians, their own pockets bulging with bribe money, their campaign war chests overflowing with donations from corporations and lobbyists, crowd around the nearest TV camera to take turns weeping and blubbering about the jobs that have been created. Jobs, jobs, jobs, they wail. No jobs were created, of course. They were moved, from someplace where you have to pay a decent wage to someplace you don't.

And of course it has nothing to do with jobs, and everything to do with driving the living standards of Americans down closer to the third world level, which was always the end game of Reaganomics, and of its more recent forms, Clintonomics and Obamanomics.

I don't have to deliver until 10 a.m. and having arrived in the area late yesterday afternoon, rewarded myself for enduring I-75 by spending a lovely last night at a seedy motel in Columbia. I say seedy... it was a chain of some Day's Inn sort, this one was just run down and out a bit and the price run up... a high ratio of seed per soule. Had my veggie pizza, delivered by a black man of about my age who was truly appreciative of the tip. No, he told me, he didn't plan to apply at the BMW plant.  Anyway, got my iPod all updated, got as caught up as I get on my reading, got propositioned while I parked the truck by a stunning little girl who said she had two kids up in the room, nodding toward the motel... A pitch with a homey touch, I guess. I guess it could have been true, and it was her boyfriend, I guess, or husband, who propositioned my cast aluminum wheels this morning.

The wheel polishing guys hang out in the parking lots of truck stops and will shine all your wheels for $20, and it's a lot of work. They are often people who are just passing through, and to rustle up some quick cash they just find themselves a few rags and get themselves a can of wheel polishing stuff and start walking up to truck drivers and asking if they want their wheels polished.

Maybe they are afraid to ask for a handout, although they'll take one if you don't want your wheels polished. I'm not going to polish the wheels on a company owned truck and I don't expect anyone else to either, so I just give the guy five or ten and we can both go find someplace to sit down and have a nice meal and drink iced tea for a couple hours and the owner can polish his own damn wheels. The owner can go to hell.

Prostitution is a regular part of truck driving. Lot Lizards, as they are called, by the ever subtle truck drivers. And speaking of which, a strange thing happened last time I was in Albuquerque. I was driving up Fourth Street, in the heat of a hot summer day, and a woman walking along the sidewalk made eye contact with me and maintained eye contact until I had passed her by, just as a prostitute does. Except that she did not have the look of a prostitute, not at all. She was not really dressed for the weather, either, and was not perspiring, and I suspect she had just stepped out of a police van parked around the corner. A decoy. A Fake Fourth Street Iguana.

Decal found on many truck windows

I don't agree with entrapment of any kind. The Albuquerque cops just arrested a guy for thinking he was propositioning a 15 year old girl on the internet, when in fact, he was propositioning a male cop. I just don't get it. How can he be arrested? He was propositioning a cop, not a 15 year old girl.

I understand the danger. I understand that children are preyed upon and must be protected. But as a matter of law, as a matter of respect for law, as a matter of the US being a nation of laws, I think they are twisting reality to an extent that makes the law meaningless. 

Many, if not most, of the arrests made here in the US of people with Middle Eastern backgrounds by the US government in its fake war on terror have been made through entrapment. I say to the police and prosecutors, who are only doing this, after all, to run up their conviction rates, get your job done some other, legal way, a way that does not make a mockery of the rule of law.

And while you're at it, start arresting the prostitutes and domestic terrorists who are doing the real damage, the politicians who are selling us down the river to this latter day, savage brand of Capitalism that aims to make serfs of us all.


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