Thursday, September 8, 2011

9.1 Percent Plus One

A friend of mine where I work was fired today, which means he has the happy prospect of looking for work while the unemployment rate is 9.1 percent and the economy is sliding back into recession.

I was on the road when it happened and didn't find out until I got back. I just called him and from the sound of him, I don't quite think he'll be listening when President Barak Obama gives his Jobs Speech tonight, because I don't think he'll be quite conscious.

I won't be listening either. I have to sleep so I can go in a midnight, but I know what the president will say as sure as if I had the full text of the speech in front of me.

The president will read a slick sounding speech with which he will try to position himself for his re-election.

Expect some populist rhetoric as he tries to shift blame from himself to the Republicans for what has become a chronically high unemployment rate.

He'll make some noise about making the wealthy start helping the working class pay to run this country, something he has little or no interest in actually doing.

He might even accomplish some of what he proposes tonight, but since most of what he proposes tonight won't help the economy until after the election, he's probably banking on the Republican refusing to pass any of it and then using that to campaign on.

And the Americans who he has left to their own devices all this time -- those who can't find work, those whose unemployment benefits have long since run out, those who are up to their necks in debt and still sinking, those who have lost their homes in the million foreclosures per year since Obama took office -- will have one more empty water glass with which to wash down the bitter pill that has become their existence.

There is a bright spot. The president's speech will consume the news cycle for 24 hours. We'll get a one-day reprieve from idiotic reflections about 9/11 from reporters who might be able to reflect on their last workout or the wardrobe selections they made this morning, but not much else.


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