Sunday, September 11, 2011

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I put a picture of the front page of the Washington Post's web site in a post yesterday (see below) and commented that Dick Cheney was getting more play than President Obama. Cheney is back, or still there, in the same place on the page. The Dick Cheney section of the Post.

The rest of the paper is 9/11 up the wazoo. Of course. I'm waiting to see if tomorrow's papers are just blank. 

Members of the news media will show up for work, twitching slightly as they recover from the spasms of self pity and self induced agony they have put themselves through this past two weeks. They will sit staring straight ahead at their desks in clothing stiffened with dried perspiration and tears.

The rest of us will sigh and wonder how we are going to pay the bills this month.


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