Thursday, October 27, 2011

Capitalism Escalates Its Class War

This is a little section of video from of the Oakland police assault on Occupy Oakland Tuesday night showing the grenade being lobbed by an Oakland cop that left Iraq War veteran Scott Olsen in critical condition with a skull fracture and brain swelling.

In a classic case of unintended consequences, the incident has added high octane fuel to the Occupy Wall Street movement.

The Establishment is panicky at the moment. It has neither been able to stop the still growing, nationally popular Occupy movement or to co-opt it by sending Progressive Democrats to the Occupy encampments, and in a number of places has already pushed the panic button and sent in it's coercive, armed wing, the police, to violently put down the movement.

Notably, in Albany, New York, police have refused orders by the mayor and Democratic New York Governor Andrew Cuomo to attack protestors.

(Update: A later article, in Politico, gives a slightly different account, i.e. that Albany's mayor sided with the police chief in refusing Cuomo's requests that the protesters be evicted. I don't know the reason for the discrepancy or which is the more accurate account, but the fact that Cuomo, a Democrat, wanted the protests shut down is in both, and is significant.)

If the Capitalist elite lose control of the police, they are done for in a hurry. If the movement keeps growing at its current pace, they are done for anyway.

Look at what's happening in Syria, one of the most oppressive and corrupt Middle East regimes hit by Arab Spring protests. Bashar al-Assad's regime has killed 3,000 Syrians in trying to put down protests that have gone on every day for more than six months. Because the US and Israel want Assad to remain in place for the sake of "stability," and because of a total news blackout imposed by the regime, that situation has remained largely under the radar. Finally, world opinion is beginning to bear down on Assad, and he looks more precarious now than at any time since the protests began.

Every poll shows broad support for the Occupy Wall Street movement. Depending on how questions are asked, 35 to 70 percent of Americans back the movement. Americans are finally waking up to the fact that they have been under assault, the object of class warfare, since the advent of Neoliberalism under Ronald Reagan.

They are beginning to understand, too, that the Democrats who have occupied the White House and congress during this time frame have been nothing but a different face in that class war, of the rich against the rest of us.


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