Sunday, October 30, 2011

Class War, Continued
A double standard for we and they

An added note to the last post, which talked about how the power structure is playing it's violence card in an attempt to put an end to the Occupy Wall Street movement, sending out its police forces in many locales around the nation to try to quell the movement and intimidate anyone who is thinking about joining it. The "authorities" are contriving all manner of excuses to evict the protesters from public places, places owned by we the people. Fire safety, sanitation, crowd capacity, and so on.

Recall that at the same point in the history of the tea bagger movement, which slavishly supports the one percent at the top and cheers them on as they rob the rest of us blind, never had any problem congregating anywhere to freely exercise their first amendment rights. In fact, in many places tea baggers showed up with guns strapped to their hips, and the police and the authorities made excuses to the news media, on the tea baggers behalf, for why such behavior was OK.

Also, I want to mention a column about Occupy Wall Street by New York Times columnist Frank Rich, in which he makes parallels between it and mass protests in Washington, DC in 1932 at the height of the depression, and also makes links between the anger of the tea baggers and Occupy Wall Street. The common thread Rich brings out is peoples' anger, right and left, then and now.

Rich makes a number of interesting points, but he makes the strange assertion that this anger is being felt and expressed by a suddenly class conscious working class, and is happeneing here in our "classless" US of A only because of inattention by our corporate and governmental rulers, not because they have been raping and pillaging the country and robbing all of us of our standard of living and our futures with out and out criminal behavior that in every instance has gone uninvestigated and unpunished.

Please don't fall for such a framing of the current state of affairs. There is nothing new about the idea that a class war is waging, but the very class conscious ruling class has been waging it, non stop. Under Ronald Reagan the intensity of their warfare upon us increased and has been increasing ever since. Neoliberalism, called Reaganomics when it was introduced by the congenial Reagan, was and continues to be out and out class warfare, seen from the beginning as a way to redistribute wealth upward, at which it has been mightily successful

Only when the working class stands up and says "enough" is it class war in the eyes of Frank Rich, Rush Limbaugh, the ruling class, and its handmaidens in government and the media.


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