Sunday, October 23, 2011

Journal Interruptus

A writer for one of my Left leaning periodicals once opined that the difference between those college students of the 60s and 70s who went on to become Democrats and those who went on to become Republicans, that what caused those who emerged from that sexually liberated, peace and love, anti Vietnam War era to go down two remarkably different paths, is that the ones who went on to become Republicans were the ones who never got laid.

One doesn't have to read the Albuquerque Journal very often or read very far into it to be convinced that the writer's speculation is an indisputable fact. The petty, snarling, clenched up, fearful bitterness of the people who put that paper together is evident on every page and in every way, from the stories they select to the headlines they write to the content of the columns they choose to run.

I had to pick up a truck today from Penske rental on Candalaria, which closes at noon on Sunday. I need the truck at midnight so when I pick one up on Sunday I enjoy a lovely brunch at the soon to be fashionable Country Pride restaurant in the TA truck stop at University and Menaul, and when I do I usually fork over $1.50 for the Sunday Journal, so I don't have to sit there staring at the other people who are eating alone who are staring at me.

I was looking for news about Occupy Albuquerque, the local branch of the rapidly spreading, immensely popular Occupy Wall Street movement that all polls show is already far more popular than the Tea Party ever was, and is front page news everywhere in the world except Albuquerque.

On page two of today's Journal's I finally came across one story, about one of the branches in Oregon, where among the things that group is doing is feeding homeless people. The Journal salutes this noble endeavor with the headline: Homeless Find Place In 'Occupy' Camp, as if the camps have been overrun by the scum of the earth, which dovetails nicely with how the Republican Right is constantly trying to taint the movement by derogatory portrayal of its members.

Further along on Page B-3 is a second reference to Occupy Wall Street, this in a snarling Op-Ed column by a Ned Cantwell, which ridicules the movement's members under the headline: Be Sure To Wear Flowers In Your Hair.

Cantwell is one of those jackasses who likes to hearken back to an America that never existed except in the fetid, mutated imaginations of people like Ronald Reagan and his caregivers. Sometimes these people try to conceal their damaged and permanently disfigured souls and sometimes not. Cantwell's modus operandi is to try to get around peoples natural revulsion at his extreme right wing corporatist nearly fascist viewpoints by acting like a clown, and openly admits he knows absolutely nothing about what is going on in the United States today when he states, "I am not sure why the banks are the centerpiece of frustration."

And I'm not sure why it hurts when someone kicks me in the ass, and I'm not sure why anyone would be stupid enough to pay Cantwell for his idiotic, snarky drivel. Oh, wait, it's the Journal paying him. OK. I see.

And after brunch with the Journal, I'd only add a small clarification to what that writer said about today's Republicans not getting laid in college back then. They're still not getting any.


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