Sunday, November 27, 2011

Anonymous Strikes Again:
Infamous pepper-spraying UC-Davis cop John Pike outed

Those Internet Lone Rangers, Anonymous, have released the home address, home phone and email address of Lt John Pike, who causally pepper sprayed seated, non violent, non threatening protesters last weekend. Calling it a warning to police in general, who have been guilty of using violence against Occupy Wall Street protesters as a matter of course, and calling Pike a coward, a bully, a tool of the corrupt and the puppet of his masters, they recommend the nation order pizza in Pike's name, send him junk mail, and give him a call to let him know how you feel about the matter.

Don't worry, they say, with his $110,000 salary he can afford a few pizzas.

They also ask that people contact UC-Davis and demand he be fired. The chancellor is Linda Kaheti.

Here are two versions of Anonymous' announcement, which also include the spraying incident that brought Pike his notoriety.

You might also be interested in this take on how the image of Pike pepper spraying the protesters is being used on the internet.


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