Thursday, November 17, 2011

 Barak Obama Versus the People

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"I was recently on a conference call of 18 cities across the country who had the same situation...," Oakland Mayor Jean Quan, who was one of many mayors who ordered police to attack Occupy Oakland protesters earlier this week, said in a BBC interview. (Click on the link and scroll down for the transcript.)

The simultaneous police attacks on Occupy Wall Street encampments were coordinated by The Obama Administration's Office of Homeland Security and the Obama Administration's FBI, Pacifica Radio's Amy Goodman, host of the Democracy Now program, reported Wednesday.

President Obama was conveniently in Australia when the violent police attacks took place, but recall that as he exited the scene last weekend, just before the attacks occurred, Mr Hope and Change, through his spokesman, Jay Carney, took time to announce that is was up to each local jurisdiction whether or not to wade into the encampments and start cracking skulls, which many of them, under the direction of the FBI and Homeland Security, then proceeded to do.

As the Washington Post put it, "He (Carney) said the administration’s position is that each municipality has to make its own decisions about how to handle these issues."

 It comes as no surprise to anyone who has paid any attention at all since he took office that Barak Obama represents the 1 percent. He's gone along with the Republican agenda every time he could get away with it -- tax breaks for the filthy rich, pushing through bailouts for banks and corporations while providing no help for the millions who have been foreclosed upon, refusing to support anything more than token regulation of the financial markets, the banks and Wall Street and then steadfastly refusing to prosecute anyone for their part in the massive fraud that's been perpetrated on the American people.

It comes as no surprise either that he has decided that the Occupy Wall Street Movement has been too successful at giving voice to the anger we the people have felt for years over the rape of the country by the 1 percent, anger over the realization that the 1 percent is responsible for the virtual destruction of an America where there was a decent opportunity for almost everyone. It's no surprise that the president has decided it's time we the people got back to the role assigned to us, of serving our maters and keeping our mouths shut, back to the role of providing the labor that creates the wealth that is concentrated more and more at the top, wealth that is now being amassed at a record pace by the 1 percent.


As news comes in of more police attacks on encampments, including in Burlington, VT, and Dallas, so too does news of protests taking place all day today of undiminished in size in the heart of the Wall Street district, and around the country in solidarity with the encampments that have been attacked. Mass arrests -- hundreds were arrested today in some cities, scores in many others -- and sending in the police to beat demonstrators with their truncheons has had no effect on the movement except to move more undecideds over to the side of the protesters..

Albuquerque already had two organized groups, one downtown and another in Rio Rancho, and this afternoon as I came through Bernalillo there were people on the sidewalk in front of a Wells Fargo branch holding up big signs saying Occupy Wells Fargo.

Liberal radio talk show host Randi Rhoades, a big Obama fan, today was joining in with the government's counterattack, criticizing the movement for not having identifiable electoral goals and for not having a leader, i.e., for not lining up behind Obama.

The movement's goals, of course, go far beyond any election. They are about systemic change, and one of the movement's greatest strengths is having no leaders. Leaders can be isolated, jailed, co-opted, neutralized, but more importantly, the very idea of leadership is antithetical to the idea of democracy. The Occupy Wall Street movement, with  its daily general assemblies to decide on goals and formulate strategies, and with its consensus decision making, is, unlike the system of state capitalism that runs America, democratic to the core.


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