Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Fear Strikes The Heart Of The Ruling Class:
Wall Street Lashes Out With Violence


The top story in the world right now is this morning's violent eviction of the original Occupy Wall Street protesters from their home park in New York City.

It's the top story, but only half the story.

The other half has to do with the choice New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg was faced with. After last Tuesday's stunning series of election setbacks for the ruling class agenda brought home to the ruling class the fact that the conversation has shifted in the United States, that the general population is galvanizing around the beliefs that led to the Occupy movement, Blooomberg could have let the encampment continue, and watched helplessly as the movement steadily gained momentum and continued to raise the political consciousness of working class people in the United States and around the world.

Or he could have done what he did, unleash Capitalism's coercive arm, the police, and watch helplessly as this latest round of state violence, like the others, causes the movement to gain more support and undergo another big spurt of growth.

Encampments in Oakland, Portland, Seattle, Berkeley, CA, and in several other places have been similarly attacked by police over the past few days and violently shut down. In each case, the local Occupy members reacted by immediately holding general assembly meetings and proceeding as if nothing had happened. In New York, where the story was slow to emerge because police kept reporters as far away from the camp as possible while they attacked it and arrested and beat those reporters who tried to cover the attack, two general assembly meetings were already scheduled before the news of the eviction really got out.

Later in the evening, after a judge refused to intervene on the protester's behalf, people began to re-take the park, albeit without the tents and sleeping bags, the media center, the personal computers, the 5,000 books that had been donated to the group's library, or their personal belongings all of which had been destroyed or confiscated by police during the attack.

Expect more such confrontations. Expect more police violence, especially since President Obama this evening through his spokesman gave the green light for cities to use violence against Occupy protesters as they see fit. The ruling class is in panic mode. You'd be, too, if the flames were rising around you.


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