Sunday, November 6, 2011

Free Gaza Flotilla Attacked by Israel

 111106 Update: Ma'an News Agency of Palestine reports that the 21 imprisoned flotilla members are refusing to sign statements admitting to entering Israel voluntarily and illegally in return for their immediate release and deportation. (The 21 were taken to Israel by force after Israel Defense Forces stopped their two boats.) As a consequence of not signing the statements, the imprisoned activists will remain in Israeli custody for at least 72 hours until a deportation judge reviews their cases, Ma'an reports.

With the news media focused on a worldwide economic crisis, Herman Cain's sexual harassments, and the Occupy Wall Street movement, it was little noticed when another "Freedom Flotilla" of Palestinian activists and supporters attempted to break the siege of Gaza over the weekend, and like those that went before it was intercepted by the Israeli Armed forces well outside Israeli National Waters. Its members were severely beaten and taken to an Israeli prison, where their condition and fate remain unknown.

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Gaza is a small strip of land along the Mediterranean coast nominally under Palestinian control. It is part of the small fraction of original Palestine not yet ethnically cleansed of Palestinians by Israel. Israel controls all of Gaza's borders, land and sea, and allows in only a small amount of medicine and just enough food to keep the 1.5 million Gazans from starving to death.

The Freedom Flotillas, organized by the Free Gaza Movement, an organization with broad international support, have sailed one or two per year since 2008 and have been successful in raising awareness of the plight of the people of Gaza, especially so when in 2010 a Flotilla, still well out in international waters, was attacked during the night by Israel commandoes and nine flotilla members were murdered.

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The latest Flotilla, comprising just two small boats, the Canadian Tahrir and the Saorise, an Irish vessel, set sail Wednesday from Turkey carrying a combined 27 people and were stopped Friday by Israeli Defense Forces.

The Flotillas have succeeded in bringing attention to the Gazans plight almost everywhere except in the United States, where the mainstream media by and large censors news about the ongoing ethnic cleansing of Palestine.

The US government, in every way available to it, is complicit with the censorship and the ethnic cleansing of Palestine.

The US sponsored, so-called peace process, an ongoing sham now for 40 years with zero results except more ethnic cleansing, more Palestinians killed, more Palestinian land stolen and more illegal settlements built on confiscated Palestinian land, has been a deliberate strategy by the US and Israel to provide cover for the realization of the Zionist dream of Greater Israel, which means the eventual elimination of the Palestinian people and the occupation of the last remaining fraction of the original Palestine Israel does not already control.

111106 Update: Anonymous, the online high tech Robin Hoods, noticed the attack on the Freedom Flotilla and posted the following YouTube warning. According to the Ma'an News Agency of Palestine and the Uruknet, Israel's military web site and the web sites of Shin Bet and Mossad security agencies went down on Sunday. An Israeli spokesperson attributed the outages to web server problems and coincidence.


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