Sunday, November 13, 2011

We Are The Many - Aloha

 Makana, the young Hawai'in slack key guitar aficionado, took the opportunity of an appearance before the APEC (Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation) conference being held in Hawai'i and attended by President Obama and other world leaders to play his new Occupy protest song "We Are The Many." The White House has not commented.

If you are fond of Hawai'in slack key guitar music or just great guitar playing you can see and hear some of Makana, performing traditional Hawai'in songs and more current rock songs, if you go to and search for his name, Makana.

Slack key refers to a way of tuning the guitar. Legend has it that Mexican cowboys brought the guitar to Hawai'i, taught them to play, and then left the Hawai'ins to devlop their own style. That is the story told by slack key guitarists, although Wikipedia says the real story is "more complicated." Although there have been many great Hawai'in slack key guitar players, the most well known is probably Gabby Pahinui, who was the first to be recorded and who died in 1980.


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