Sunday, December 25, 2011

Mount Mount Rushmore II

The latest video from those hackers for truth and justice, those modern day cyber Robin Hoods,  Anonymous,  has to do with the decision by Go Daddy, a big commercial web site hosting service, to get behind SOPA, the Stop Online Piracy Act, the Senate version of a nefarious bill that will give the government complete control over the internet. Along with the provisions in the defense budget just passed and signed into law by President Obama, that give the military the authority to imprison, without charge, without recourse, without access to an attorney, without telling you why, forever, anyone who is deemed to be a terrorist, to include, according to how our government has already used that term, environmentalists, supporters of Palestinian rights, or simply people who disapprove of the government whether from the Left or Right, it is the kind of action a ruling elite takes when it knows it has lost legitimacy with those it rules, says Dan Dewalt, writing for the web site This Can't Be Happening. (I detailed both bills, here and here.)
 After you see a video on YouTube, a screen comes up with other videos you might be interested in. One came up today that has received a lot of views and that I found to be pretty funny in places, not so funny in others, and that I think may give some insight into the generation that will soon be in charge of the world. It's raunchy in places and even racist and sexist in places. My generation was raunchy and sexist and racist in places but it was kept more undercover, so that we could pretend it didn't really exist, and it was always bubbling to the surface in various ways. Now it's more out in the open. I think it's better this way. Censorship cuts both ways. It can conceal the truth, or merely disguise it.

Both videos follow.

Note: The Anonymous video was released 12/23. Already Go Daddy has retreated
to a neutral position, saying they neither support or oppose SOPA.

Note: On the second video you may have to stop the video in some places to be able to read what is on the screen.


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