Monday, January 2, 2012

Blue Dog Blogs in the Bluegrass State

I came across the most delightful group of Progressive web logs by Kentucky Liberals this evening when I clicked on one called Hillbilly Report, and I'm happy to report that Kentucky Liberals are Liberal, smart, well informed, funny, clear eyed, and Liberal, and don't pretend that Republicans are simply people like you and me except for a few differences of opinion. They remark upon it as it is, as in today's lead story:

Mitt Romney: The Right Man to Lead the Republican Freakshow

You know, if you look deep inside the Republican freakshow in Iowa, which will go a long way in determining the Republican nominee, you can sometimes see the hard truth. It does not matter which one of these zealots is nominated, if they are elected President they will further besiege the already battered and bruised American worker. All of them, no matter which one, want you want to believe that profits matter more than the people who produce them and that the American family and the working men and women that lead it is nothing more than a collective child that constantly needs to be lectured about their morals.

Yep, straight from the Bible Belt, a straightforward class analysis, plus, a jab at the unholy coupling between conservatism and the religious right.

There's a special section of reporting on the Occupy movement in Kentucky and an Occupy Wall Street Twitter feed.

Some of the blogs linked to are Blue Bluegrass, Blue Dog Jabbering, Ditch Mitch McConnell, Fake Consultant, Kentucky Fried Politics, Sorry This One Is Taken, Pajamadeen and Barefoot and Progressive, where there's The Conservative Christmas Story, the introduction to which begins like this:

The Conservative Christmas Story

By Ronnie Cottonpants

It's no secret that we at Barefoot and Progressive love Jesus Christ. Sure, not everyone worships Him as a savior, and yes, some of his followers have, let's say, occasionally shown a tendency toward being fucking bigots. But the man Himself: what a guy!

Of course, it's easy for us to love Him. We're liberals. Of course we dig the give-to-the-poor, take-from-the-ruch, radical, street-preaching, whore non-stoning, Prince of Peace from Nazareth.

The story itself begins:

And Lo, let it be known that in the town of Bethlehem, Mary was large with child. Joseph, alas, was off fighting velociraptors, which totally existed during that time, and left his wife at the mercy of the Pharisees. Mother Mary was desperate and due to her pre-existing condition of being raped by God, she was unable to obtain decent health care. Just as she was ready to despair, she saw a star shining in the east.

 One of the linked blogs over at Barefoot and Progressive is The Book of Cletis, where the header really cracked me up, but where today there's a thoughtful essay by someone who admired Christopher Hitchens despite often disagreeing with him. 

 A post a little further down at The Book of Cletis begins like this:

Saturday, December 31, 2011

Music Saturday #22 Bob Marley

I am moved by words and emotion manifested in music and nobody combined the two better than the great Bob Marley. His album, Legend, is a masterpiece of melody and lyric and Redemption Song is a prime example. The possibility of redemption, a yearning to go home that we bring with us from the Source, is ever present in our lives and quietly defines our path. Marley captures that need in his evocative voice which is, truly, the voice of all men and all women.

 Hillbillies indeed. Damn. 

One of the interesting things about Hillbilly Report is an avenue for reader input called Diaries, where readers post their own mini blogs. One points out the similarities between modern Republicans and Joe McCarthy, another talks about problems people are having with their new iPhone 4s in light of the media's hyping of anything Apple and Apple shares topping $300.

Southerners, especially those who are aware the world doesn't drop off at the edge of town, may weary of the stereotypical ways they are often portrayed. Embracing some of the language those stereotypes are encoded in may be a way of neutralizing their power. It may be a way of dealing with it. I don't know. I do know that if America is ever going to be a just and humane place instead of one where wealth buys justice and corporate greed robs us of our humanity, the South will be part of the struggle to get there. It has to be.

Another place Progressive Southerners blog is Leftists in the US South.

Hillbilly Report was just a link that turned up in a Google search. A fortuitous happenstance indeed.


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