Sunday, January 15, 2012

War On Iran

To the extent that you hear about Iran and the possibility of an attack on Iran in the US media, it is decidedly through the filter of US military and domestic US political aims, both of which are heavily influenced by Israel, our main ally in applying the pressure currently being applied to Iran, and by Israel's supporters in the US, i.e., the Zionist lobby and the neocons who see Israel as a US military outpost.

It's common knowledge that the US conducts ongoing covert operations in Iran and in various ways aids groups inside Iran trying to destabilize the government. The US led embargo is having devastating affects on Iran's currency and economy. A number of Iranian nuclear scientists have been assassinated. Recently a US citizen and former intelligence officer was arrested in Iran and charged with spying.

When or if the US attacks Iran, or Israel gets the US go-ahead to attack Iran, has been a topic of discussion for some time in the Left media. However some are beginning to argue that the attack is already underway, or that at the least, the US and Israel have increased efforts of late to goad Iran into making a foolish move, such as mining the Straights of Hormuz, that would give the US or Israel a good excuse to launch an overt military attack.

Articles this weekend by Dave Lindorff and Alexander Cockburn discuss the situation, specifically in Lindorff's story and overall in Cockburn's, and importantly, I think, shed some critical light on the propaganda being pushed in and by the US media.

There is also this take from the Russian media, which puts in the perspective of the US presidential elections and the tottering US financial empire, and points out that a war with Iran and the resultant $200-$250 per barrel price of oil would greatly benefit Russia, a major oil producer.

So far, it appears, other considerations have prevented a war with Iran: our other military commitments, domestic political considerations, the Arab Spring, the earlier mass demonstrations in Iran itself. But observe how Iran gets played in the media from here on. See if at some point there isn't a ramping up of bellicose rhetoric from US government spokespersons. See if there isn't some action Iran is reported to take, real or fabricated, that is seized upon and lines in the sand begin being drawn, and remember that the preparations for a variety of kinds of attacks on Iran have already been made, and that as the election approaches, President Obama, with one eye always on the polls, already has his finger on the trigger. 


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