Friday, February 3, 2012

Anonymous: The FBI Didn't Expect Them

Most Anonymous videos end with the words: "We are Anonymous. We are legion. We do not forgive. We do not forget. Expect us." Apparently the FBI didn't expect them, as the Robin Hoods of the internet, in one of an impressive series of recent strikes summarized by the BBC, struck the FBI itself.

A conference call between the FBI and police in England discussing various Anonymous members under investigation was recorded and posted online, as was an email from the FBI to other agencies explaining how to connect to the call. The Greek justice ministry was hacked because of the Greek government's participation in internet censorship and its implementation of the latest in a seemingly never ending round of "austerity measures," which is a Neoliberal newspeak term for transferring wealth from the working classes to the wealthy. And a web site police in Salt Lake City set up so people can report each other to the police was taken down.

Posted on Occupy Enschede's Facebook page (Enschede, Netherlands)
Below are two recent videos attributed to Anonymous and posted on one of the YouTube channels I follow where Anonymous videos are regularly posted. One is a call for worldwide marches on Feb. 27 in solidarity with Occupy Wall Street. Most Occupy groups in the US were forcibly and often brutally evicted from their encampments over a period of several weeks late last year in actions coordinated by the Obama administration, as fears increased among the one percent of the power of the mass movement, which in a short time has changed the debate in the country from how to take more from the working classes to why is it being done..

The other video is six tips for how to resist, such as using cash instead of using credit. Many people are unaware that what the banks have been successful in having labeled "credit card companies" are nothing but the banks themselves. They are simply departments within existing banks.

In Anonymous videos, the voices usually sound a little strange because they are run through programs that disguise them from voice recognition software. These were posted at Anoyops.


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