Saturday, February 25, 2012

Islamophobia Comes To Albuquerque

Nonie Darwish is one of a small group of Arabs who have learned you can make a living by badmouthing Islam to rabid supporters of Israel. It was her talk that was interrupted last night in Albuquerque by Occupy Wall Street members.

Nonie is pretty well known to people who follow Palestine. She has been repeatedly called out for the eccentric and false claims she makes about things like Islam wanting to take over the world and institute sharia law, but to people who only want their prejudices reinforced, and to people who want the Palestinians to disappear from their homeland, the truth doesn't matter.

The more people like her can stir up fear against Muslims, the more money they make. She is a favored speaker before groups who have been labeled hate groups, which about says it all.


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