Saturday, February 18, 2012

It Seems I'm Not The Only One Who Thinks So

Actually, there is much, much displeasure, even disgust being expressed about Democrats, and not only in Leftist media. Congress has a 10 percent approval rating, meaning that we the people, the 99 percent, know we are not represented by Democrats in government, and that while Democrats pay occasional lip service to working class interests, most of it during election seasons, both parties have willingly abetted a system that has resulted in permanently high unemployment, decimated unions, declining living standards, massive foreclosures and tremendous inequality. A system where the rich openly and blatantly loot the government and we are left with the debt.

You may say, 'Yes, but...'  But the Supreme Court. But the alternative.

But the numbers do not lie.

Disgust with Democrats is one of the impetuses behind the growth of the Occupy Movement, which is heavily influenced by a vein of thinking in the Left and in unions like the old IWW, the Industrial Workers of the World, that significant change can only be brought about by working outside the system, by confronting the system on your own terms, by changing the political and economic climate within which the system must operate, the system being the nexus of banks and finance and government, which includes the police, military and prison systems, which we have nominal input into but which as everyone now realizes are controlled by the wealthy. Recall how nothing happened within the system concerning civil rights or the Vietnam War until massive protest outside the system brought about a shift in public opinion. Government -- congress, the president and the courts -- had no choice but to follow.

Likewise, the general strike, a massive walkout that shuts down an entire city or region, has forced the hand of the economic powers that be, as in Oakland in 1946 and San Francisco in 1934.

The three images posted here were grabbed in the past few minutes from Facebook pages of groups that are part of the Occupy Wall Street movement. There's an edgy tone to the discussion today. People are off work, catching up on their reading, and are posting the articles and images that cause them the most anger and indignation. On other days you'll see a lot of discussion about what to do, about organizing, about actions being planned, but today the overall tone of the posts is 'This is why we're so God Damn mad.'

The Occupy movement has gone nowhere. It was evicted from most of its encampments but now occupies the internet. My sense is that Occupy related web traffic is doubling about once a month. The government -- i.e., the FBI, Homeland Security, etc., i.e., the Obama Administration -- if not all of the congress, well knows this. That's why we're seeing Democrats sponsoring internet censorship bills, Democrats voting for and the president signing a law that allows the arrest and detention of US citizens without warrant, why Democrats vote every year to extend the Patriot Act. That's why Democratic Senator Joe Lieberman wants an "internet kill switch." That's why the Obama administration organized the almost simultaneous evictions of the Occupy encampments and why it is militarizing and training local police forces.

As people read and comment on Facebook today, the indignation and anger spreads. As I say, more and more people are participating in these discussions. Things may well reach a critical mass, resulting in millions of people in the streets, too many for the government to subdue.

 The government, which no one can deny represents the interests of the ruling class, the rich, will try to keep the upper hand, and make no mistake about whose side the police are on. Except more violence from them and more draconian laws.

Meanwhile, the capabilities of Anonymous, the Robin Hoods of the internet, which wholeheartedly supports the Occupy Movement, seem to be increasing, too. Much too rapidly for the government to keep up with. According to a Wired magazine interview with an Anonymous member, the group has already infiltrated "dozens" of web sites of government agencies and corporations, without their knowledge, and is just biding its time. Anonymous not only puts web sites out of commission with the relatively simple technique of flooding the site with traffic, but can infiltrate secure sites and access passwords and personal information, all of which, the articles points out, gives Anonymous increasingly more access.

This past week Anonymous shut down Combined Systems, the company that makes much of the tear gas bought with our money being used on demonstrators from New York to Cairo, and several Federal Trade Commission web sites, and now plans a major action once a week, on Friday. Expect it.


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