Thursday, March 29, 2012

Anonymous 1:1

A retiring agent the Wall Street Journal calls the FBI's "top cyber cop" says of the US government's war on hackers, "We are not winning," and other experts the Journal talked to aren't even that optimistic. The article lists some of the bigger successful hacks and takedowns. Another expert says there isn't "a single, secure unclassified computer network in the US." It's a chilling article for anyone who looks to the authorities for protection and guidance.

Against that backdrop, Anonymous, those Robin Hoods of the internet, in a video released this evening on the YouTube channel of The Anon Message, declares that the Revolution of 2012 has begun.

 This video is longer and slicker than most that have been posted in the name of Anonymous. It makes the case that the US government is far too corrupted by money to be reformed and must be toppled. It warns of the ongoing, relentless efforts by governments including our own to censor the internet, and of the increasing oppression of dissent in the streets, but says that with the numbers we have, we can and shall overcome.

In the 1960s, you often saw someone holding up a sign saying "The End Is Near." It was a somewhat ironic takeoff on the biblical notion of an end times, but it also presaged that the optimism of the times was fading and that the world was not going to end up being a better place as a result of the social uprisings of the time, as many of us had hoped and expected.

Intentionally or not, it predicted the coming of Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher, of Reaganomics, or Neoliberalism, our current economic system, which has resulted in wage and income inequality of historic proportions, and which has resulted in a generation of students leaving college under a mountain of debt, with no jobs and no future on the horizon.

Near the end of the Anonymous video released tonight, someone wearing the iconic Anonymous mask is shown holding a sign that is a somewhat ironic takeoff on that earlier one. It says, "The Beginning Is Near."


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