Friday, March 2, 2012

Note on the death of Andrew Breitbart:

This racist, dishonest, unethical right wing blogger and commentator, who destroyed the career of Shirley Sharrod, an innocent and well meaning agriculture department employee, by editing tapes of a speech she made to make it look like she was saying something else, and who published similarly misleadingly edited videos of members of ACORN and as a result destroyed an organization that had helped lift millions of people out of despair and poverty, purchased his ticket to eternal damnation with the lives and careers of good and well meaning people and as far as I'm concerned can and should and will rot in hell. Good riddance.

Those in the Obama administration who were quick to order the termination of Ms Sharrod before even investigating the matter, including, if warranted, the president, and those Democratic members of congress who were quick to vote to cut off ACORN's funding before even investigating the matter, all those spineless, self interested, unethical wimps who tremble and cower at every bark and snarl that emanate from the right wing echo chamber Breitbart was a proud member of, should hasten in their journey to join him.


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