Thursday, March 15, 2012

Nuestro deber es luchar - Our Duty is to Struggle

A transcript of the nine hour discussion about the environment Fidel had in February with intellectuals and Latin American ministers is now available in English or Spanish as a free book in PDF form at the web site Cubadebate. It's called, in English, Our Duty is to Struggle.

Fidel announces at the beginning that he is there to listen, but he talks a lot, too. He questions the participants about their country's situations and about their presentations. At 85 he is said to be frail, physically, but he was engaged in the discussion throughout the nine hours, and the meeting didn't begin until 1:30 p.m. He displays an agile mind and an encyclopedic knowledge base: for example, off the top of his head he can quote how many cubic feet of natural gas reserves a given country has.

The book is put together in a format that makes it easy to scan through. There's a table of contents, list of participants with bios, appendixes, etc. The book contains photos taken during the discussion, including the picture of Fidel posted here. Take a look


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