Wednesday, April 25, 2012

BBC Survey Shows An American Ambivalence About Capitalism

Americans may vote and act like Republicans, but they think and feel like Democrats, and in surprising numbers, like Socialists, according to a new poll conducted for the BBC.

The poll was conducted in 22 countries and asked whether Capitalism is fair, whether it can be reformed with regulation, and whether it is fatally flawed and should be replaced with another system. A big majority of Americans think Capitalism is unfair, but they think it can be made fair with regulation. The US congress - House and Senate -- have been on a deregulation binge for more than 30 years, and Republicans and groups like the Chamber of Commerce campaign on wanting less regulation, not more.
Countries surveyed - Globescan graphic

A surprising 17  percent of Americans think Capitalism is beyond reform and should be replaced with something else. The survey did not ask with what.

Here are the BBC's story, the survey group's summary, and the results in chart form in a pdf file. A section of the chart is reproduced below.

Globalscan graphic


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